DeLonghi DCF212T Coffee Maker

Sometimes, it’s the “little things” that make all the difference. And that’s how I feel about the thoughtful feature of front-access on my DeLonghi DCF212T coffee maker; it may be a “small” thing, but I’m still tickled to no end to find a coffee maker that finally addresses the annoyance I’ve had with every single coffee maker I’ve owned to this point.

My DeLonghi DCF212T coffee maker can stay put in its niche on the counter, fitting tidily beneath my upper cabinets, and I don’t have to move it to pour in water, to remove the filter, to add the coffee, to program it, to clean it, or for any other purpose at all.

 After years of sliding coffee makers all over the counter to get at the various parts and functions, I’m ready to send a thank-you note to whoever designed this model!

DeLonghi DCF212T Drip Coffeemaker with Convenient Front Access

DeLonghi DCF212T coffee maker Product Features:

  • Full front access for all functions
  • 12-cup glass carafe
  • Fully programmable
  • “Aroma” feature for fuller flavor
  • Auto shut-off function on hot plate
  • Pause and pour function allows user to remove carafe while machine is brewing
  • Cup warming and storage tray
  • Water level indicator
  • Built-in power cord storage

One advertised feature of the DeLonghi DCF212T –about which I confess I was skeptical until I tried it–is the “Aroma” option. The advertising materials said it would make a fuller flavored cup of coffee, and that it would enhance that wonderful aroma of coffee wafting through the house in the morning–and despite my skepticism, it truly works!

Apparently (now that I’ve read up on it) it uses a timer to pre-release some water and slowly saturate the ground coffee to release more flavor (and aroma) from the beans before it actually brews the pot of coffee. I’m loving the way I wake up to a kitchen permeated with that rich aroma of beans, and it’s true that the coffee itself is fuller bodied than when I don’t use the aroma option.

Along with the pre-release for the Aroma option, I like the way the programming on the DeLonghi DCF212T coffee maker works. For example, when I’m programming for a pot to be made by timer in the morning, I just set what time I want it to be ready, rather than telling it what time to start brewing (as all my previous machines have done) and having to mentally adjust for how long it will be from the start of brewing to the finished pot. That –and the fact that I can select the coffee’s temperature along with its timing–are another couple of those small details that I really appreciate with this coffee maker.

Yet another feature that’s new to me with this machine is the cup rack which doubles as a cup-warmer. I’ve been in the habit for years of microwaving water in my coffee cup–then pouring it out–before I’ll pour my coffee into it, because otherwise the cold cup leaches the heat right out. The warming cup holder on the coffee maker eliminates that hassle, and between the pre-warmed cup and the fine-tuning on the temperature controls, I haven’t been so happy with my coffee’s temperature for years. And all that without a lot of hassle for me.

I’ve been enjoying this machine in every aspect, from its water-level indicator, which lets me measure instead of guess how much coffee I’m preparing, to its user-friendly programming to the fact that I’m not having to push and pull it around my counter to fill, pour, and prepare my coffee. I’m completely sold on the DeLonghi DCF212T.


  1. Hi there, I am looking for ANY help I can get when it comes to cleaning the water reserve tank on this machine! I recently started working in an office that uses it and noticed that the reserve tank is horrible nasty! Any suggestions on how to easily and thoroughly clean the machine would be greatly appreciated!!

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