DeLonghi DC514T Programmable Drip Coffee Maker Meets My High Standards

As a coffee drinker with supremely high standards, I was surprised that the DeLonghi DC514T coffee maker was able to meet and exceed each of my requirements. When reviewing each product before buying, I always compare pricing, features, and durability. With this programmable drip coffee maker, I had to write a review about its’ great benefits for those who are interested but not quite sure if this machine will make the grade for your household.
DeLonghi DC514T Programmable Coffeemaker

Features of the DeLonghi DC514T Esclusivo Programmable Drip Coffee Maker

  • Sleek and sophisticated design
  • Glass carafe with 14-cup capacity
  • Digital timer programmable up to 24 hours
  • Time-release technology for great flavor
  • Advanced water filtration system
  • Pause and serve technology
  • Customize for light or bold brews


Before buying the DeLonghi DC514T programmable drip coffee maker, I took a good look at the extensive list of features it offers. This model offers the same basic features as many others including a programmable timer but it also offers a few functions that I have never seen before. One is the time-release technology which is completely new to me because all machines I have seen will just release all the water in the reservoir at one time. The DeLonghi Esclusivo adds water to the grounds a bit at a time to ensure that all the flavors are extracted.

Another unique feature of the DeLonghi Esclusivo coffee maker is the advanced water filtering system. After countless brews, there is not the slightest trace of impurities or other flavors in the coffee. In fact, I often use the aroma button to make a bolder brew and have never noticed any compromise in taste over time. The pause and serve technology is also a plus because I can always steal a cup before the entire 14-cup carafe is done brewing.

Maximize the Uses of the DeLonghi DC514T Programmable Drip Coffee Maker

Although I drink coffee multiple times a day, the DeLonghi Esclusivo coffeemaker also provides a great use when I have guests over to visit. Especially for a group of 20 or so people, this machine works fast to produce high quality coffee. Also, I can give my friends and family the option for bold and strong flavors or a lighter and smoother one. This is a unique feature that I have not yet found even in extremely expensive models.

In addition to versatile flavors, the DeLonghi DC514T programmable coffee maker also makes mornings easier to deal with because of the digital timer option. For up to 24 hours before, I can preset my brew to start at a specific time. This saves me valuable time since I am often rushing out each morning. The night before I simply press a few buttons and can wake up to the fresh smell of coffee every day. This is also helpful for my spouse who also enjoys having a cup ready without doing any of the work.

An Honest Recommendation for Buyers

Even if you are accustomed to buying expensive models only, give the DeLonghi DC514T programmable coffee maker a try because it is not only much more affordable but it works better than many other machines like it. Never assume that a pricier model will offer more features because this product gives the same advanced technology with a more sophisticated and attractive design.

Those who are interested to try the DeLonghi DC514T programmable coffee maker can do so without risk because there is a one-year warranty. If you are not pleased with this product like I have been for months now, you have the option to return it. But if you want a coffeemaker that ensures great taste and convenience then consider the DeLonghi DC514T before paying twice as much for a product with less quality.

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