Cuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System

A respected brand in the cooking business, Cuisinart delivers a high-quality product one hundred percent of the time. Choosing the Cuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System was a no brainer for me. The efficiency and usability of the Cuisinart brand was not unknown to me, and it certainly did not disappoint.

It saves over 45 minutes in the morning: the 15 minute drive to Starbucks, the 15-20 minute wait, and the 15 minute drive back on track. And that’s only if there isn’ta lot of traffic on the road. I didn’t realize how much my coffee excursions were eating into my day.

Now I can make a gourmet espresso from home, quickly and efficiently, with the names of Cuisinart and Keurig behind it.

Cuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System

Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System Product Features:

  • Hot water-only button
  • 2 minute brew
  • 10 ounce water container
  • Compatible with K-cup coffee pods or ground coffee or tea
  • Brew instant coffee, soup, tea or hot cocoa
  • Brews in Under 2 Minutes
  • Removable Drip Tray provides extra space for travel mugs
  • My K-Cup Reusable Coffee Filter can be filled with gourmet ground coffee to suit personal tastes using your coffee

The efficiency and ingenuity of the one cup pod system has revolutionized coffee and espresso making. Because of the Cuisinart SS-300, I don’t have to be as wasteful. I love the simplicity of the design. The less you make, the less you drink. The less you make, the less you waste. I don’t have to dump out half-drunk pots of coffee anymore. I make one or two cups of espresso, which is all I need anyway. For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money or have their life complicated by a plethora of buttons and a confusing user interface, the Cuisinart SS-300 is perfect. It’s also an affordable gift for a deserving friend or family member.

What makes the Keurig system work is the lack of thought that has to be put into everyday functions. Pulling out a coffee pod and putting it into my Cuisinart SS-300 simplifies life in a way that I have really never thought possible. It also cuts down on unnecessary time spent on brewing and preparation. It can actually add more hours onto my day, which is something that we could all use. Here, I add water into the container, stick my pod in, and press a button. The only way life improves after that is when I get my fresh cup of espresso. If I decide that I want another one, a cup of espresso is only two minutes away.

The Cuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System is not just for espresso, either. I can use it for tea, cocoa, or hot water. What I do is I pour the water in and press the hot water button. In two minutes, I have my hot water. As long as I didn’t accidentally have a pod in the machine, I don’t run into problems. In the evenings, I like to drink a lot of tea, so this system multitasks for me very well. It’s also large enough that I can put a big mug and then get 12-20 ounces for the road. Basically, it meets almost all of my drink needs! All I’ll need to get next is a soda fountain.

You want fresh gourmet coffee? No problem. You can use a reusable coffee filter (they cost around $10 – for example Ekobrew Cup, Refillable K-Cup For Keurig K-Cup BrewersCuisinart SS-300 Single Serve Brewing System works fine).

The small design makes the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System by Keurig easy to store in my kitchen cabinet or office kitchen, though if I had the counter space, I wouldn’t be averse to keeping it out. It has a sleek design and looks sharp, not like so many embarrassing kitchen eyesores. Cuisinart never fails to disappoint and perform. Overall, it’s an excellent machine with more functions than most would think. As long as you’re not looking for anything fancy or want a combination espresso machine, the Cuisinart Single Serve Brewing System by Keurig should be an excellent addition to your kitchen.

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