All for the Aroma – Aroma AWK-115S Cordless Electric Water Kettle

My kids love this kettle and I love it even more. I’m a working mom and my kids are old enough [over ten] to get their own breakfast as long as it does not require cooking anything. On cold mornings, I used to make them hot chocolate before I left. Unfortunately, by the time they got to the table, it was cold hot chocolate. When I’d get home, I had to scrape the cold mess out of the untouched cups. Then, I found the Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle AWK-1153 and it really has been a blessing.

Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle product features:

  • Stay-cool handle
  • Polished Stainless Steel Kettle
  • Removable and Washable Spout filter
  • Automatic shut off after water reaches boiling point
  • 360-degree Electric Swivel Base where kettle sits
  • Safety Feature: Sealed electrical components in base
  • One-year limited warranty


Aroma AWK-115S Cordless Electric Kettle

With this electric kettle, I fill the kettle with water before I leave and the oldest turns it on when she gets to the kitchen. It only takes a few minutes for the water to reach the rolling boil level so there is no lingering or waiting for a kettle to whistle. Best of all, I don’t worry about them getting burned on the stove. The handle stays cool and because it is on the side, there are no hot steam issues either. With the Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle, they can make their own hot chocolate and even instant oatmeal.

At first, I was so worried about making sure that someone would check it before leaving home. I even called home to remind one of the kids. The Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle automatically turns off when the water reaches the boiling stage. What a great idea that was! I hadn’t read that particular feature on the box and was so glad that someone had thought of it. It doesn’t boil dry and I don’t worry about an electric fire because one of the kids forgot to shut it off. I have ruined electric appliances by forgetting to turn them off before.

Now, I didn’t buy the Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle for this reason but my youngest loves the 360-degree swivel base. He kept telling me how great that was and I couldn’t imagine what he found so fascinating about it. Turns out, he’s been using it for his paper airplane launch pad. He loves to place his paper airplanes on top of the kettle and spin it sending the plane into “outer space”. Bet the manufacturer didn’t think of that feature! I wonder if his launching pad is covered by the warranty.

On weekends I use the Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle to make hot instant soup for a quick lunch. With kids running around the house and someone always hungry for a snack, the kettle has been a real silent helper. I can make several cups of soup instead of a bowl of cereal or a handful of chips. I know that they are getting something that they like to eat and it is nutritious at the same time. I have even taken my cordless kettle to the church bazaar to make hot tea for some of the women. That worked fine until they saw me use it for a noodle bowl! Everyone was really excited that I’d been so “innovative”. I call it practical, personally. Now when we have a church sale I bring the kettle and everyone brings their own favorite instant lunch.

For such a nifty little appliance – it stands 9-inches high- the Aroma Cordless Electric Kettle is sure priced right! It isn’t as much as a brand name coffee maker. It does everything a normal kettle does and is easy for the family to use. The swivel base accepts the kettle no matter which direction you place it down so there’s no fussing with getting it on the launch pad correctly.

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