The Coolest Coffee Gadgets on Those Cool Coffee Gear Lists

The Coolest Coffee Gadgets on Those Cool Coffee Gear Lists

Buzzfeed – it even sounds like a cool coffee site, even though it’s not. It does, however, post lots of coffee-related listicles and articles, and I’d be lying if I said I don’t read them. Sometimes, they unearth some pretty cool coffee gadgets. More often than not, though, I get sucked into clicking a link that promises me The 15 Coolest Coffee Gadgets of 2016 only to find a listicle of 15 kitschy coffee mugs. Don’t get me wrong – I’m totally down for looking at 15 of the coolest coffee mugs you’ll find anywhere, but a coffee mug is only a coffee gadget if it really does something special – like stir your coffee or keep it at the perfect temperature. And if you show me a coffee mug that’s also a superb coffee brewer, I’ll definitely concede that yes, that is a coffee gadget worthy of being called cool. And – just to be clear – Buzzfeed is not the only site guilty of conflating anything related to coffee with legitimately cool coffee gear. So I did a deep dive into all the lists of coffee-related coolness and pulled together the one list to hold all lists – the seriously coolest coffee gear to own, as compiled by the best life lists on the net.

MoJoe Portable Coffee Brewer and Travel Mug

Okay, you’ve seen mugs that have a built-in French press. The better ones are definitely worth having if you can get to a hot water source. The MoJoe is not one of those. It is literally an electric coffee maker, complete with heating element, that’s just a little bigger than a travel coffee mug – and looks like one. The MoJoe engineers combined the science behind vacuum coffee siphons with the science behind automatic drip coffee makers to create one of the coolest coffee gadgets I’ve seen in a long time – a coffee mug that really brews your coffee wherever you are. You can plug it into a wall outlet or car charger, or you can use the rechargeable battery. No matter how you do it, though, you’ve got freshly brewed coffee on demand – and you can drink it straight out of the brewer.

Growers Cup Coffee Brewer

What, you say, another portable coffee brewer? Well, yes, but this one is also comes with the coffee – and it doesn’t use electricity. You just need to add your own hot water. Growers Cup isn’t an entirely new concept in coffee-making – we’ve seen coffee brewed in a paper bag before – but it’s executed flawlessly. Each Growers Cup brewer is, in fact, a disposable drip coffee brewer that makes up to two cups of coffee. The secret is in the microfilter suspended inside the lined paper bag. It holds the coffee and allows the water to slowly filter through it until you have a bag full of rich, intensely flavored coffee. The makers claim that in independent taste tests, their coffee brewer consistently outscored every other coffee brewing method other than the French press. The real magic in the Growers Cup, though, is that you’re not just buying a brewer. You’re buying coffee, and every one of their coffees are single origin beans from some of the best estates in the world. Growers Cup coffee/brewer comes in boxes of 12 brewers, which brew 24 cups of coffee. The assortment includes coffees from Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras.

Paulig Muki

Let’s face it – no matter who clever or cute the saying on it is, a coffee mug has to offer a lot more than wit to make it onto a gadgets list. The Paulig Muki does. What looks like a sleekly designed drinking implement is actually a rather unique little display screen that’s powered by… hot coffee. And – it connects to the Internet. To download pictures to display on the side when you fill it with hot coffee. As if that’s not crazy enough, Muki throws in a twist. It’s also a social media platform where you can send images and messages to your friends’ mugs that they’ll receive the next time they fill up with hot coffee. How cool is that?

These are easily three of the coolest new coffee inventions of the past year. Stay tuned for an update with the coolest outdoors coffee gear coming soon!

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