Cooks 12-Cup Energy-Saving Coffee Maker Energizes Every Morning

After trying the Cooks 12-cup energy-saving coffee maker, I am sure that this isn’t another machine that can energize me so well each and every morning. Most mornings I feel sluggish and out of sorts but with just a single cup of freshly brewed coffee, I am ready to start my day. Before making my final decision between hundreds of different coffee makers, I decided on this one because of the long list of features it offers. Aside from saving energy, I am also able to increase my productivity in the mornings. With a great combination of value, sufficient capacity, and a ton of beneficial features, the Cooks energy-saving coffee maker was a no-brainer for me.

Cooks 12-Cup Energy-Saving Coffee Maker

Product Features and Details

  • Capacity of 12 cups
  • Pause and serve option
  • Settings for potency and aroma
  • Light indicators for easy operation
  • Unique hotplate keeps coffee fresh
  • Programmable up to 24 hours ahead
  • Brews at perfect temperature of 180º

Every coffee drinker has varying standards in terms of what a coffee maker should include. Typical factors of importance include quality, speed, price, and usability. The Cooks 12 cup coffee maker includes all the basic features a machine like this should plus additional benefits that others don’t. A capacity of 12 cups is generous enough for the entire day and is especially helpful when I have guests over for dinner. It doesn’t take a long time at all to brew a full pot which means more time to spend with my family, friends, and guests.

Another important detail to mention is that the brewing temperature is optimal for extracting all the flavors without adding a bitter taste to the result. Most machines I have had in the past either work slow for a great taste or fast for a decent quality cup of coffee. Surprisingly, the Cooks energy-saving coffeemaker can do both.

My Favorite Benefits of the Cooks Energy-Saving Coffee Maker

Immediately after buying the Cooks energy-saving coffeemaker, I was excited to try my first cup to see what flaws I may have to live with for getting such a great deal. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to deal with any problems with starting the machine or using it and then cleaning it. There are easy to use settings for customizing your preferred strength and aroma. I have seen countless expensive models have features similar to this machine but none that were so cheap.

One of my favorite benefits of the Cooks energy-saving coffee maker is the hotplate that comes with the machine. Anytime I want to brew then walk away for awhile, my coffee will still be fresh and warm. There is no need to reheat or use a thermos because the hotplate takes care of it. Benefits like this convince me that this machine is designed to accommodate busy individuals like me.

Why the Cooks Energy-Saving Coffee Maker is Worth the Value

For those who are not looking to spend a lot of money but want maximum value from their money then the Cooks energy-saving coffee maker is a smart choice to make. The quality and speed is competitive with expensive models but costs just half the price. Another bonus is that you can program your brew 24 hours ahead of time, meaning that if your mornings are extra hectic, you can always preset your coffee to brew the night before.

With features like pause and pour, programmable options, settings for taste, and easy indicator lights, this machine defines maximum value for minimal cost. Smart and flexible settings are not always found on average priced machines so the Cooks energy-saving coffee maker really stands out from the rest.


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