The Tiny Tot Wins the Office Pool – Continental Electric 4 Cup Coffee Maker CE23581

I hate stale coffee – or burnt or old. So, when I saw this coffee maker, I thought it was worthy of a try. I have to admit this 4-cup coffee maker is perfect for the office. The Continental Electric CE23581 coffee maker’s carafe makes me laugh. When I look at the puffy little pot that somehow reminds me of a mushroom cap, I really do giggle. I don’t really have much time to drink coffee when I’m working and having a fresh cup in a few minutes is fantastic.

The carafe is small enough to fit under the faucet in the bathroom sink – our makeshift kitchenette. I simply fill the pot with water, flip out the permanent basket and put coffee into the permanent filter. One phone call later the coffee’s ready and so am I. I have saved money on buying coffee since using this model.

Continental Electric 4 Cup Coffee Maker CE23581
Continental Electric CE23581 coffee maker product features:

  • Pause and Serve
  • 4-cup carafe capacity
  • Permanent Filter
  • Easy to read water window
  • Sing-out filter basket
  • No drip styled carafe


I love the small footprint of this coffee maker. It fits easily on top of the stack of books I never use in the corner of my office. I have never owned a Continental product before; so I wasn’t sure if I’d like it. The last thing I needed in a busy office was a problem with my coffee maker when I am trying to save the world. I have to say, I am impressed. There is no leaking or seeping from the underside or around the edges as I was worried about. It hasn’t quit unexpectedly or done anything that unfamiliar brands could do. It works perfectly every single time.

This tiny tot of the coffee maker world has sure won my heart. It replaced the big foot model that I had been using and I am thrilled I got this one! The Continental Electric CE23581 has made life so much easier in the office. I can now grab a cup of coffee while it’s still brewing while playing racing game. You know the game – race to fill your cup before the coffee hits the heating plate and splashes over onto everything around it – that game. I hate that game! Thank heavens for the pause and serve feature on this little machine. I can pull out the pot and the dripping stops instantly while I pour my coffee.

I must mention that I also love the swing out filter basket. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thrown the basket away because I was concentrating on something else. I have even set the basket down in a pile of chocolate syrup a time or two. This does have a way of slowing down the process of making a pot of coffee. When I bought the Continental Electric CE23581, I didn’t know it had that simple feature. I was happily surprised.

On my way back to the office with my prized Continental Electric CE23581 coffee maker, it hit me that I didn’t know if I needed different filters. I had the large pointy ones waiting. I started imagining how I could use them “anyway”. When I opened the box to check the basket size, I realized that I didn’t need filters of any size. All I needed to do was fill the basket with coffee and when done, dump the wet grinds and rinse it out. The grinds are easy to remove even when wet and when they’re dry, it’s like emptying the dustbin.

I haven’t mentioned the price of the Continental Electric CE23581 coffee maker. Well, let me put it this way – the price fits the size! As you know, I call it my “tiny tot” and when I say that in the office, everyone else laughs. Who would have thought that a coffee maker could make people feel better?

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