Coffee Wedding Gift Ideas

Coffee Wedding Gift Ideas

Summer means lots of weddings and lots of wedding gifts to buy. The gift table at the reception is likely to have lots of linens, glassware and tableware, as well as some gift certificates to nice restaurants and maybe a crock pot or two. Why not make a break with tradition and indulge the happy couple with a gift they’ll love, one that plays to their passion for great coffee. There are hundreds of coffee –related gifts that are totally appropriate as wedding gifts. Here’s a handful of coffee wedding gifts that any new couple just starting on a new life will love to own.

Auto Drip Coffee Maker

Yeah, it’s old school, but millions of people in the country still swear by a morning ritual that involves pouring a cup of fresh brew from an automatic drip coffee maker. If the Mr. & Mrs. to be have a rushed morning routine – 15 minutes to the subway type of rush – make their mornings a little easier with a drip coffeemaker that lets you set it up the night before. They’ll wake to fresh coffee brewing while they get ready for work. A particular favorite: the Hamilton BeachStay or Go Digital Thermal CoffeemakerCoffee Wedding Gift Ideas, that brews a 12-cup pot into a thermal carafe for weekends, or 2 thermal travel mugs for the mornings they’re rushing out the door.

Single Cup Coffee Brewer

Some couples are totally coffee-compatible, but some have wildly different tastes in coffee. If your friends are of the latter variety, they have two choices: one of them can drink coffee he or she doesn’t really love, or you can indulge them with a single cup coffee brewer so that they can each enjoy the coffee that tickles their taste buds. The Keurig is the hands-down most popular single cup coffee brewer on the market – and the variety of coffees available in K-cups just keeps growing now that Keurig’s patent on K-cups has expired. They’ll have even more of a choice with a Hamilton Beach Single Serve Scoop Coffee MakerCoffee Wedding Gift Ideas, that lets them use any coffee at all in the single-serve coffee basket.

Portable Espresso Maker

Is the happy couple the adventurous sort with a taste for the exotic and the classy? Give a nod to their adventurous spirit AND their love of luxury coffee with the Handpresso Outdoor Espresso SetCoffee Wedding Gift Ideas.

The French company makes one of the most elegant solutions to espresso on the go – a hand-pump espresso machine that can hit 16 bars of pressure, more than enough to make excellent espresso, without electricity or CO2 capsules. And it comes in a gorgeous travel case that makes an ideal wedding gift.

If none of these impress, or if they already have a great coffeemaker, consider paying for an “Around the World” subscription with a high-quality coffee roaster, or a coffee gift basket with several different coffees for them to try and enjoy.

Weddings are a great time to indulge your favorite people with coffee gifts that make their lives happier and more caffeinated. Pick a coffee maker and an assortment of coffees, package it up and be sure that they’ll completely enjoy!

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