Everyday Coffee Reviews – Coffees You May Find On Grocery Stores Shelves

Everyday Coffee Reviews - Coffees You May Find On Grocery Stores Shelves

Walking into your local grocery store, you can find a multitude of coffee brands to be consumed on an everyday basis. So, how do they rate against each other? Are there any that give you a bang for not a lot of buck? Of course, there are some folks that will drink anything strong or with half and half, so for them, I present some guidelines for choosing a better coffee along with which ones fall into that category.

Everyday Coffee Review – grocery store coffee buying tips

Picking a good coffee 101:

If you like your coffee black and with a robust flavor, you can be sure that any darker roast will do. Avoid ones with flavor. If you like your coffee with lots of cream, then you should also pick a darker roast. Lighter roasts are for coffee drinkers that want to taste the different bean varieties – this is easier to do with a lighter roast, though they are harder to find. Beans are always best when you can grind them as you go, if not, then the most airtight packaging around will do on already ground coffees (read how best to store your coffee for tips).

A few of the common suspects:


This one offers sweet and mild tones for a mass produced blend. A bit of a bite at the finish of a sip and a good blend for those who like black coffee. Not overly bright and creamers can dull the overall taste.


Awful and monotone in taste. It’s like the bean was somewhat dirty when it was processed. Unbalanced in aroma and taste. Unevenness may be masked with cream and sweeteners, but black coffee drinkers will not be satisfied; Almost burnt taste and slightly nutty at times.


Sweet and tasty; light cocoa taste that is faint, but not lost; a good mild blend with a slightly roasted finish.

Chock Full o’Nuts

A sweet blend of coffee from Sara Lee with a pleasant tone; distinctly mild and well balanced, but almost loses its aroma in the brewing process.

Eight O’Clock

Absolutely dreadful aroma – musty and mildewy; the tone is bland and distasteful; However, not all is lost, the Royal Signature Blend is a good coffee showing brighter tones and flavor when sipped.

Millstone Colombian

A blend of classic Latin American flavors; a mild roast with bright, fruity tones when it first hits the palate and finishes with a spicy and tangy taste; almost citrus-y tones.

Starbucks French Roast

I personally find that Starbucks over-roasts most of their beans, and this one is no different. Slightly charred taste with chicory aftertaste, somewhat smoothed by cream and sweetener. But some folks love their coffee strong and this will certainly quench that desire.

Thanksgiving Coffee Fair Trade Light Roast

Smooth and bright flavored coffee with a flavor that is delightful; a good balance of acidity and roasted flavors while not overpowering the total effect

Although this coffee review list isn’t exhaustive by any means and everyone’s tastes differ, believe me when I say this: a good coffee is one that you should support. I’ve seen many good blends (although not in the grocery store necessarily) fade into oblivion because no one would buy the beans themselves. Support your blend!

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