Five Coffee Recipes to Spice Up Your Holiday Table

Five Coffee Recipes to Spice Up Your Holiday Table

If all you’ve ever done with your coffee is sip it from a cup, you’re missing out on some of the best flavors and qualities of the noble java bean. Just as some countries have wonderful recipes using cacao that go far beyond milk chocolate, there have always been cuisines that make use of coffee in ways other than drinking.

Since coffee roasters and cafes have started emphasizing the flavors and qualities of coffee as a beverage, chefs have also taken up the challenge of creating recipes using coffee as a spice or flavoring.

Coffee Glazed Bacon Recipe

From sumptuous desserts to savory meat rubs and gravies, coffee is an ingredient deserving of a place on your holiday table. If you’re looking for a different twist this year, try out one of these delicious coffee recipes,gathered from around the Internet and tested in our own kitchens.

Five Coffee Recipes

For Breakfast: Coffee-Maple Glazed Bacon

Developed by our own in-house coffee chef, this coffee-glazed bacon is a salty-sweet treat that’s more than worth its weight in calories. We give you step-by-step instructions, complete with pictures, so you’ve got no excuse for not trying this one.

The Best Coffee Ice Cream Recipe Ever: Egg-free Coffee Ice Cream

One of the biggest problems with most coffee ice creams is the egg-custard base, which gives the ice cream an unmistakable egg-y flavor. This recipe from CoffeeBreak.Today is a variation on the egg-free ice cream developed by Jeni Britton, owner of Chicago-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream shops. Smooth, creamy and rich with coffee flavor, this may be the best coffee ice cream we’ve ever had.

Holiday Lamb: Leg of Lamb with Coffee Sauce

While lamb is traditionally a springtime dinner dish, a half leg of lamb is a good choice when you’re feeding a big family at the dinner table. This garlic-studded leg of lamb pairs beautifully with rich coffee and cream gravy. It will be the star of your holiday meal, and may become a new holiday tradition.

Holiday Dinner Buffet: Coffee-Rubbed Honey Roast Turkey Breast

A little spicy, a little sweet, this coffee-rubbed, honey-roasted turkey will have your buffet guests clamoring for the recipe. The secret is in the wet rub made with coffee-infused oil, which imparts a deep, rich, savory flavor that you won’t soon forget. The rosemary, garlic and jalapeno add a delicious bite that offsets the sweetness of the honey.

Dessert: Mochaccino Cheesecake with Oreo Crust

Who could possibly resist this light, rich swirl of three layers – including cappuccino cheesecake, chocolate cream ganache and vanilla cheesecake – all poured into a crust made with Oreo cookie crumbs? We couldn’t! The recipe takes a little doing and will dirty a few pans, but the end result is so very worth it!

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