What Your Coffee Maker Says About You – Coffee Personality

What Your Coffee Maker Says About You – Coffee Personality

Used to be, no kitchen was complete without a percolator. Then Mr. Coffee happened, and the coffee industry evolved — very quickly, in fact. Before long, there were dozens of electric automatic drip coffee makers on the market, and they could be had bog-cheap. And it kept on evolving. As coffee drinkers branched out from supermarket coffee and expanded into specialty coffees, traditional coffee makers started returning to popularity. Espresso machines became more affordable, and coffee shops popularized French presses and hand-poured drip coffee makers. Today, coffee lovers get to choose from a dizzying array of coffee making methods. Each of them seem particularly suited to a particular type of personality. Ever wonder what your coffee maker says about you?

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

You’re conventional and enjoy your convenience. Your no-nonsense sensibilities can’t be bothered with chasing trends and keeping up with the ever-changing whims of the specialty coffee industry. You want a coffee maker that’s solid, reliable and easy to use — and if you can get it for under $20, all the better.

Technivorm Moccamaster

You’re the exception to the rule when it comes to ADC users. You care enough about your coffee to pay a premium for high-end technology, but you still want convenience and convention. You’re not likely to drop everything and fly off to Borneo on a whim, but if you do, you’ll be staying in a 5-star hotel rather than roughing it in the bush.

Single Serve Coffee Makers

You’re one of the fastest growing segments of the coffee-drinking population, and coffee roasters everywhere are paying attention. You like your coffee convenient, neat and quick — no way you’re waiting around for a full pot. There’s a good chance you live alone, or live in a house with people who like different kinds of coffee than you do. You probably like trying different kinds of coffee — but you have a solid favorite that you buy time after time.


You like your coffee the way you grew up with it, no matter what the coffee snobs say. In your mind, the old ways are still the best, and you find something soothing about the pleasant sound of coffee bubbling up against the glass top. Besides, a percolator makes the house smell magnificent.

Coffee Urn

If you own a coffee urn, you’re either a caterer or you enjoy entertaining large groups of people. Coffee urns have never been the easiest or quickest way to brew coffee, but if you’re brewing for a crowd, they can’t be beat.

French Press

You don’t mind dealing with a bit of a mess if it means you get your coffee the way you like it – and you like it bold, strong and chewy. You also probably enjoy relaxing over a cup of coffee more than you enjoy making it. Press coffee is no-fuss — measure coffee, add hot water, plunge and pour. You might have a little strain of coffee snobbery in you, especially when it comes to people who indulge in the fripperies of latte art and over-hyped pouring techniques.

Moka Pot

If you’re not from the Old Country, there’s a good chance you grew up in the kitchen of someone who was. You like your coffee strong and you expect your coffee maker to deliver full flavor — and a traditional moka pot like the Bialetti delivers. You don’t mind a little extra fuss when it comes to preparing your coffee, but you draw the line at weighing your water and measuring the grounds to the last grain. You’re a little old-fashioned and resistant to trends, and you don’t mind bucking the crowd to drink delicious coffee made your way.

Drip Cone – Coffee Dripper

You keep up with the latest trends in the coffee world, and hand-dripped coffee is right at the front of the pack. You’re more than willing to invest time and effort in learning how to make awesome coffee by hand, and you enjoy the ritual of making your coffee as much as — if not more than — you like actually drinking it. You probably eschew labels like hipster and millennial, but when you’re being honest with yourself, you admit to being one or the other — or both. If you couple your coffee dripper with a digital scale and a drip stand, you’ve earned the right to wear the badge of coffee geek.

Siphon Pot – Vacuum Pot

You’re more than a bit of a showboat, and a siphon pot really appeals to your love of showing off your skills. The gleaming cross between a science experiment and a magic show turns coffee brewing into performance art, and you’re happy to be the master of ceremonies. It doesn’t hurt that a siphon coffee brewer also happens to make stupendously good coffee that’s bright and smooth at the same time.


Admit it, you’re just a kid at heart. The Aeropress is the only coffee brewer that’s made by a company that specializes in toys and sporting goods, and it appeals to the same market. Its odd construction appeals to you — it doesn’t LOOK like a coffee maker, but boy, does it make great coffee! If you’re a real diehard, you probably have tried to hack your Aeropress coffee making by inverting your press or playing with it in other ways. You’re also probably competitive. Aeropress is one of the few coffee brewing methods that features its own international championship.

Cold Brew Coffee Dripper

You’re a patient soul. You have to be if you’re making your coffee in a cold brew coffee dripper, which takes up to 12 hours to brew a full pot. And while cold brew may be trendy at the moment, there’s a good chance you were doing cold brew coffee before all those fancy-shmancy Japanese drippers hit the market. You have to admit they’re pretty, though, and if a cold brew coffee maker got past your natural frugality, it probably sits in a place of pride on display in your kitchen or dining room.

Lever Espresso Machine

You’re a solid traditionalist with a love of good coffee and an inclination to get into the nitty gritty of coffee-making. Lever espresso makers appeal to your aesthetics and to your DIY mindset. You enjoy having real control over your coffee, and don’t mind the maintenance it takes to keep a classic machine in good working order.

Automatic Espresso Machines

You like good espresso, but you’re not fanatical about it. You don’t mind giving up a little bit of control over your coffee in return for a consistently good shot. There’s a good chance that you evangelize about coffee a bit, but your friends forgive you because you make such great coffee.

Superautomatic Espresso Machine

You enjoy convenience, variety and great coffee, and you’re willing to pay a premium price for it. No one ever accused you of skimping on luxuries — and while they might tease you about your addiction to high-tech coffee, they’re more than happy to join you for a cappuccino or latte.

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