Coffee Kickstarters – Hot New Crowd-sourced Coffee Projects

Coffee Kickstarters – Hot New Crowd-sourced Coffee Projects

Coffee and Kickstarter seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the very start, coffee-preneurs have taken to Kickstarter and other crowd-source funding platforms to raise capital for their java-related projects. From the Able Kone to the new Arist coffee brewer, many of the best coffee innovations have been crowd-funded. Check out some of our all-time favorite Kickstarted coffee products. | Help Coffee Farmers Buy A Roaster! Pachamama Coffee is a farmer-owned and managed coop that sells direct to the consumer through a CSA (community-supported agriculture) model. The co-op currently contracts with U.S. companies to roast coffee before shipping it out to customers. A new coffee roasting machine will allow Pachamama to bring coffee roasting in-house, so they can control their coffee from seed to cup . As of this writing, the Kickstarter is on track to meet its funding goal.

Hot Coffee

Coffee Kickstarters

This may be our absolute favorite Kickstarter-funded coffee project ever, because it represents what we think coffee is really all about. There’s no fancy equipment, no big business plan and no high-end graphics to sell the plan. There’s just the sincere wish of a student in Sweden who remembers how welcome a hot cup of coffee can be on a cold Scandinavian day. His project: to raise kr100 to buy coffee he can give away for free to strangers on the street. At this writing, he had three days left to go in his funding period and had so far raised kr1,876 – nearly 20 times his original goal. His plan is to buy a coffee for five cold strangers daily. That’s a project we can really get behind.


  Pour Lab — Dual Pour Over Coffee Set

We love pretty coffee makers, and this is definitely a very pretty coffee maker. Pour Lab’s dual pour over coffee set includes a beautifully crafted pour stand, two glass drip cones and cone holders crafted from steel rods that can be adjusted to nearly any height. The dual coffee looks great on your counter and allows you to make two hand-poured coffees simultaneously, so you can make coffee for yourself and a friend at once.


POUR Coffee Brewer
The POUR coffee brewer is another beautiful pour over cone and stand. It doesn’t offer any fancy-shmancy innovations – it’s just beautifully crafted of eco-friendly bamboo and holds a hand-crafted ceramic coffee drip cone, similar to the V60.


Fridge Barista – cold brew coffee maker

The Fridge Barista takes the mess, fuss and expense out of preparing cold-brewed coffee at home. Cold brew is rapidly becoming a favorite way of brewing coffee. It makes a well-balanced, low-acid cup that really emphasizes the sweetest, smoothest flavors in the coffee. Even better, it sits in your refrigerator and has a dispenser so you can easily pull yourself a cup of coffee.


Metal Fabric Filter for the Aeropress Coffee Maker
We’re big fans of the Aeropress, but so far, we haven’t been thrilled with the few permanent filter options available for it. Kohi Labs new metal fabric filter looks like it may just fit the bill perfectly. If you’re an Aeropress fan, you may want to keep an eye on this one.


The ESPRO Travel Press
The Espro press reimagined the French press by outfitting it with a double filter and wrapping it all in a double-walled steel jacket. The Espro Travel Press takes the whole concept a step further by making the press portable – and by outfitting it with three separate brewers. You can choose between a regular French press, a pourover filter and a tea press.


Arist: Brews Coffee Like The Best Baristas Anytime Anywhere

The Arist is a complete game changer. The newest iteration on the app-enabled coffee brewer includes a high-quality burr grinder, a doser and a 19-bar espresso pump. The computer-powered Arist is controlled via an app on your tablet or smart phone, through which you can search and download coffee recipes created by professional baristas, coffee roasters and other users. The recipes specify the right grind, the perfect water temperature and even the pump pressure (and timing) for more than 1,000 coffees and coffee drinks. As of this writing, the Arist has nearly a month left in its funding window and has already surpassed its funding goal by a factor of three. If you get in on the pre-order period, you can be an early adopter for about $349, which is half the price the Arist is expected to sell for once the machine is in full production.

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