Why Coffee is Good for Your Health

While health reports can change daily, coffee is beginning to pop up much more often as something that may be able to benefit a number of people?s health. And while moderation is still encouraged in order to avoid shakiness and dehydration, drinking a cup or two a day of coffee seems to be just what the doctor orders in many cases.

One of the first benefits of coffee for your health is in the area of concentration. Those subjects that had a cup of coffee before an important mental task performed better than those that drank something else. Caffeine seems to stimulate activity in the brain, making it work more efficiently. This might be why many people unconsciously drink more coffee during work time or homework time.

In terms of aiding physical activity, reports are showing that drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages before races can help to increase the overall performance. This small jolt of energy helps the muscles perform more efficiently by allowing them to utilize glucose and other fuels more easily. Many marathoners and other competitive athletes are turning to coffee before their events in order to give them an edge.

Other health benefits that are being shown as a result of coffee consumption include:

o Reduction in chances of Parkinson’s Disease
o Reduction in chances of diabetes
o Sugar control
o Appetite control and weight loss
o Increase in heart health
o Helps aid some headaches
o Increases overall mood
o May contribute to reduction of risk for some cancers

What’s interesting about these new health findings is that while many want to contribute the benefits to caffeine, this is not necessarily the only worthwhile ingredient. There are also numerous antioxidants and other mysterious ingredients in coffee that are helping to provide these healthful benefits. Knowing this, you can see how coffee in particular is the favored drink, as opposed to other caffeinated beverages.

In the end, a cup or two of coffee each day may help to increase your health as well as offer protection from some diseases. But when consumed in massive amounts, coffee can increase blood pressure; create anxiety and even harmful dehydration. Too much of a good thing is not going to help, so remember that moderation is the best route to take. And drinking your coffee without any cream or sugar will help to keep the drink healthier still.

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