Coffee Gifts for Mom

Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Are you going to give mom yet another bouquet of flowers that will wilt on her dining room table? If your mother is a coffee lover, you can give her a gift she’ll enjoy every day.

We’ve pulled together a selection of the most popular coffee gifts for Mother’s Day that will please any mom from the most dedicated specialty coffee aficionado to the no-frills economy coffee lover.

Coffee Gifts for Mom

How To Make Cappuccino And Latte At Home
Coffee Gifts for Mothers Day

Expand Mom’s Coffee Horizons

For the adventurous mom, consider giving her a grand tour of the coffee world with a gift coffee subscription. Go Coffee Go is one of a new crop of coffee delivery services that cater to specialty coffee lovers. The company offers 13 different “coffee tours” available in 3, 6 and 12 month lengths. Each month, your mom will receive either one or two freshly roasted specialty coffees from various coffee roasters. There’s even a Decaf Espresso tour for moms who love coffee but hate the caffeine jitters.

Teach Mom a Lesson

Give your mother the gift of a special experience and lifelong knowledge. Nearly every major city now boasts one or more coffee shops that offer coffee education alongside their lattes and cappuccinos. Treat your mom to a coffee cupping afternoon or a class in brewing coffee with a coffee siphon — and those are just a few examples.

Give Mom Coffee One Cup at a Time

If your mother hasn’t discovered the joys of owning a Keurig single serve coffee maker yet, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to introduce her. The original Keurig design is now off patent, which means that lots of coffee roasters are producing their own K-cups for use in Keurig brewers. From the DeskPro brewing system to the B70 Platinum brewing system, there are Keurig coffee brewers available to suit nearly any budget.

Keep Her in Coffee All Year Long

Mom’s already got a Keurig? Treat her to her favorite coffee, delivered to her door every month. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters offers a convenient subscription delivery service. Pick her favorite coffee and the best delivery interval so that mom can have a few cups of coffee on you each month.

Make Her Coffee More Fun

If mom loves her cappuccinos and lattes, why not make it easier for her to enjoy them at home? One of the most sought-after coffee-making accessories is a milk frother, to heat and whip her milk to a velvety, light creamy froth for making her own cappuccinos. If you want something a little more elaborate, the Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte automatically brews espresso or coffee and froths the milk in the carafe — all at the touch of a single button. You can make up to 20 different coffee drinks using the included recipe guide.

Hey, you know that mom will tell you she loves any gift you get her for Mother’s Day, but you can be sure of it when you indulge her with one of these top Mother’s Day coffee gifts.

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