Cloer 5218NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker

I am so happy today that I’m about ready to burst! I got my new coffee maker today – an early anniversary present from my adorable husband. It is so cool. It does everything but dance on the sink. I love it. There was nothing wrong with my other one but he bought me this one anyway. Now, the old machine is in storage for a well-earned rest. The Cloer 5218NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker is super-fantastic!

Cloer 5218NA 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating Coffee Maker

Cloer 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating coffee maker product features:

  • Push button swing out filter basket
  • Pause & Serve function
  • Hidden cord storage area
  • Keep Warm plate
  • Dual water chamber for faster brewing


I just made the first pot of coffee with my new Cloer 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating. I knew it had two brewing chambers but that meant very little to me. Well, it should have meant a whole lot more. One chamber – where the water goes – heats the water to a set temperature of 200 degrees. When you put the water into that chamber, it pushes the already heated water into the other area where it pours over the coffee grinds and makes your coffee without burning the grinds.
My old machine’s basket would pop open whenever I would try to sneak a cup before the coffee was ready. Oh, how that aggravated me. I had hot water full of grounds all over the counter and floor and me, standing there helpless with a hot pot of almost made coffee. The Cloer 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating has a button on top that you have to push to release the basket. I love it. I don’t have to worry about any surprise grounds anymore. The basket is cone shaped and I love that because it forces the water to pass through all the grounds instead of just a few areas. It doesn’t have to fill the basket with water to make sure they are all swimming.

More Features:

  • Removable water tank
  • Digital clock with large numbers
  • Preset Brewing for morning wake-up
  • Large opening filling area
  • Easy to read water window
  • Large Buttons on easy clean pad

I have a habit of pouring only half the water into the hole first thing in the morning. I needed this large mouth opening to fill the machine. My Cloer 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating has a great wide-mouth opening that is easy for me to target even with morning eyes. I can even read the water window because it is large enough to actually view and sits right up on the front edge of the machine.

I can even set the timer to start my coffee before I get up in the morning. I might just give that a try tomorrow. The digital clock has large enough numbers to read at a distance and the buttons are big enough for my thumb to push. I don’t have to use a pen tip anymore to push the on button on the Cloer 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating. When I was a kid, my mother had left her coffee pot plugged in during an electrical storm and it caught on fire. I still remember what that melted burned area of the counter looked like. Ever since I’ve been on my own, when I turn a coffee maker off and leave the house, I have always unplugged it.

I know that I’m not supposed to know how much my hubby spent on my anniversary present – especially since he bought it all by his lonesome – but I peeked! He spent more than I would have expected. I probably wouldn’t even have looked at a coffee maker at this price point but that would explain why I never had a coffee maker that I loved this much. The Cloer 12-Cup Bitterness Eliminating is the best money my husband ever spent and I’m so glad he did!

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