Chemex 8 Cup Coffee Maker CM 8A

If you are looking for perfection in a cup of coffee, this drip through coffee system can offer it by using inert materials and brewing times to create the perfect cup of Java. Although this coffee maker does offer a chemical free solution, it also required a learning process and much maintenance.

Product Description:

This entire coffeemaker is made of pure glass, which is inert of all chemicals and doesn’t contain or hold odors or chemicals. It has no working parts; therefore, short of dropping it, it will last forever. The filters for this machine are of high quality and chemical free, plus flavor produced using this method is pure, you can taste the difference.

The glass carafe, which measures 9” high and 5” in diameter, has a polished wooden collar and leather tie, with each cup measure consisting of 5 ounces and a pot being 40 ounces, or 8 cups.


The Chemex 8 Cup Coffee Maker CM 8A has several things going for it. First of all if you are wanting to live chemical free, this coffee system can deliver on that, plus it is economical as it requires no electricity to brew the coffee. With its flow through method, the water flows through while the grounds stay in the filter, and the filter prevents the bitter flavor that sometimes occurs when using this brewing method.

The other feature is that it is small enough to be easily stored away under a counter on only brought out when required, so those with small kitchens may find this feature an attraction.


Although the coffee system doesn’t require electricity to brew coffee, it does require that you use electricity by boiling an electric kettle or pot of water on the stove, which may take more electricity, plus it doesn’t have a heating unit to keep the coffee warm once made, and there is a learning curve to master the perfect cup.

Final Verdict:

This coffee making system would be a great choice for the coffee coinsure who is seeking the perfect, chemical and odor free cup of coffee, but for the average user this coffee system would be a little to complicated and time-consuming to make it a great buy, not to mention it takes quite an effort to clean.

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