Capresso Coffee Makers

Capresso coffee makers and Capresso espresso machines are made by the Jura-Capresso Company. That company resulted from the merger of the Jura-Capresso LLC and the Capresso Company. Each of the companies has forged a unique identity for themselves in the world of coffee makers and espresso machines.

Jura AG is a Swiss company founded in 1931 in the shadow of a Great Depression in the U.S. that affected the entire world. Originally, the company made household electrical appliances. The first product to be released was an electric iron, and the most popular Jura product of the 1930s was the Turli-Toaster, which is still a highly sought-after collectors’ item. Jura made its first coffee maker for the 1937 Worlds Fair, a 2-liter coffee maker which was made, according to the company’s literature, “with great attention to care”. Shortly after that, the world plunged into war and Jura turned its production to radio and small communications appliances. However, in 1944 Jura released another model coffee maker, a stainless steel tower with sleek, minimalist design lines.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, Jura’s small appliances set a standard for design and quality to which other appliance companies aspire. A fire that completely destroyed the offices and manufacturing facilities of Jura in 1953 only slowed the company’s production for a few months. The founder of the company, along with employees, began rebuilding almost immediately and had restored partial production within months. By 1956, the company was back to full production and making innovations in household electrical appliances. In 1967, the Jura company introduced their first real innovation in coffee makers – the electric Moka Pot. In 1973, Jura began selling its first piston operated pump espresso machine throughout Europe, just a year after Americans were treated to the first Mr. Coffee automatic drip coffee maker.

During the 1980s, Jura introduced the Rio line of espresso makers – first the Rio Profi, which included an integral coffee grinder and doser, and then the Rio d’Oro, which introduced one-button push espresso making. Up until this point, the Jura company had been focused on other home appliances, but as the 1990s dawned, Jura decided to slim its company profile and turned its full attention to making espresso machines for home and office use. The Impressa line was launched in the 1990s, and won awards through the 90s and the early 21st Century for semi and fully automatic coffee centers.

Meanwhile, the Capresso company was launched in 1994 to make coffee makers and espresso machines. The company earned awards for its innovative and clean designs, and within just a few years, the company had joined forces with the well-established Jura company to create some of the most beautiful and high-quality espresso machines and coffee makers for the high-end market. The Capresso line includes both espresso machines and specialty coffee makers for the home and office market. The flagship products of the Capresso coffee maker line are the Capresso CoffeeTEAM coffee machines, which include an integral burr coffee grinder to take full advantage of freshly brewed coffee from fresh-brewed coffee beans, and the Capresso Ultima espresso machine which is nearly fully automatic and includes a frother for steamed milk.

Capresso espresso machines and coffee makers include:

Jura-Capresso Impressa automatic coffee centers
Jura-Capresso 13215 Impressa S9 Avantgarde Automatic Coffee Center

Capresso Ultima espresso machines
Capresso 121.01 Ultima Semi-Automatic Coffee and Espresso – Cappuccino Machine

Capresso Espresso Classic Luxe espresso machines

Capresso 454 CoffeeTEAM-S Coffee Maker-Burr Coffee Grinder

Capresso Mini-S Steam Espresso/Cappuccino Coffee makers

Capresso 302.01 Mini-S 4-Cup Safety Espresso/Cappuccino Machine<

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