Coffee Brewing Made Easy with the Capresso 476.04

Since getting the Capresso 476.04 as a present, I am surprised with its powerful functions and consistent performance. It is more compact and smaller than all the expensive models I have ever had but does not compromise in terms of speed or taste. After using this coffee maker for several months, the process of brewing is much easier and is enjoyable for a change.

The Capresso 476.04 comes with all of the features that my old coffee makers had but it works consistently and offers more usable options than other models.

This machine comes with all the basics but also outlasts and outperforms much of the pricier competition. Here are just of the reasons why this compact coffee maker is my favorite so far.

Capresso CM200 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Features of the Capresso 476.04

  • Generous capacity of 10 cups
  • Option for automatic brew
  • Programmable timer
  • Brew and pause function
  • Fast and high-powered operation (under 9 min)
  • Simple operations

With the Capresso 476.04, you get a good capacity of 10 cups which is a generous amount for my family and I but also sufficient for hosting dinner parties. The automatic brew option also does wonders when I am running errands or rushing out of the house for work each morning. This convenience is one of my favorite features because I can actually have a relaxing cup of coffee without worrying about forgetting to start the brew.

Another feature that helps to save time is the brew and pause option because I never have to wait for the entire brew to finish before enjoying my cup. The Capresso 476.04 works fast and powerfully while helping to keep the brew warm for longer. In just under 9 minutes. The entire 10 cups will be done which is great when trying to be an attentive host to guests. But when I need my dose before everyone else in the house wakes up, I can take advantage and just pause the brew.

The Capresso 476.04 coffee maker also makes it easy to brew because of the simple operations. I have had many different elaborate machines and it takes at least several weeks just to learn how to use the complicated functions. But this unit offers the same performance without the headaches of fancy buttons or setup. Most importantly, the taste exceeds the quality of store-bought coffee and is less than a quarter of the price.

The Capresso 476.04 vs. Other Models

  • Automatic shutoff ability
  • Non-stick plate for warming
  • Transparent and removable water tank
  • Includes storage for power cord

There are more reasons than just basic features to choose the Capresso 476.04 over others. This coffee maker has an automatic shutoff capability which makes my hectic day much easier. I need my coffee everyday but almost never remember to turn off the power so this machine helps me save money and prevent accidents.

Another reason the Capresso 476.04 is better than many other models is because of the warming plate that is included. This non-stick surface is almost never offered and makes it easy to keep my mugs ready just like at the coffee shops. Having a coffee maker that can produce equal or better quality than the cafes is always a benefit for convenience and to save money.

Aside from great performance and taste, the Capresso 476.04 also comes with a removable water tank which makes cleaning a breeze. While many other models have this feature, only this coffee maker is smart enough to also make the reservoir transparent. Not only is maintenance quick and easy but refilling causes no more stress like my old machines. Before trying just any coffee maker, see if the Capresso 476.04 can do wonders for you like it has for me.

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