Capresso 471.01 Coffee TEC Digital 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe and FrothXpress

“Amazing Frothy Coffee Experience Anytime”

Are you one of those die-hard coffee lovers looking to purchase a great coffee-making machine? If yes, congratulations, you have come to the right place!

Capresso 471.01 Coffee tec Digital 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless-Steel Vacuum Carafe and Frothxpress

The Capresso 471.01 Coffee TEC Digital 10-Cup Coffeemaker with Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe and FrothXpress is capable of brewing up to 10 cups of coffee, 5 ounces each. It brews the coffee right into its stainless steel vacuum carafe, so there’s no mess or fuss associated with the use of this coffeemaker. The carafe, being solid, can keep the coffee hot for about 4 hours at a stretch, so traveling around with it is a breeze!

The permanent GoldTone filter that comes with this product avoids the use of paper filters that makes it neat, clean and much easier for you. Before I purchased this product, I remember the endless hours I spent just cleaning up my previous coffee maker machine! You can remove the filter at just the press of a push-button.

By purchasing this coffee machine you can say goodbye to the endless hours of cleaning your coffee machine after every use. With this coffee machine, all you have to do is remove the filter by just pressing a button.

The Capresso 471.01 Coffee TEC Coffee Maker can also be used to heat around 32 oz of milk as well as froth milk for cappuccinos. This gives you frothy coffee at your fingertips!

It also features automated wake-up clock timer, which you can set one whole day in advance. So you have a steaming hot cup of thick coffee when you wake up in the morning! The machine also has many other programmable attachments, which you can use for various purposes. If not shut off manually, the system’s standby mode will get activated and it will shut down after a while, so it is perfectly safe to use. This coffeemaker only weighs 8 pounds and measures 11 x 11 x 14 inches.

Offering so many conveniences at the mere touch of a button, the Capresso 471.01 coffee maker is just out of this world and gives you an amazing coffee experience each and every time!

Problems encountered with Capresso 471.01 Coffee TEC Digital 10-Cup Coffee Maker with Stainless Steel Vacuum Carafe and FrothXpress

The coffee maker has complaints from its users. Complaints received include the need to regularly decalcify it. This machine only uses 1% milk or skim milk and the steam sometimes does not come out right away. You also need to wash the carafe immediately after you use it, otherwise, you will have coffee stains inside your carafe. Moreover, your coffee will not be piping hot unless you pour already hot water into the carafe before you brew your coffee. Another complaint is the plastic handle of the carafe which quickly cracks and unglued after only a short time of use.

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