Capresso 441.05 MT-500 Plus 10-cup Coffee maker

This Capresso with its fast brewing capacity is a stainless-steel model with a carafe that keeps the coffee warm for hours. It is a must buy for any coffee beverage drinker. The Capresso 44.1.05 got five star reviews for its excellent coffee flavor.

Product Description:

Remarkably fast, this coffee maker can fix up to 10 cups of coffee in the short period of eight minutes. The amazing charcoal filter filters out 80 percent of chlorine found in tap water. It comes with a filter guide that indicates when it is time for a replacement and the ThermaBlock system prevents calcium build up. The 441.05 is 24 hour programmable so you can have your coffee ready for you anytime you want it. The model comes with soft-touch controls, chord storage area, a lighted LED display, drip free spout, and automatic shut off feature. The Capresso has a visible water level indicator. There is a limited warranty good for up to one year.

Capresso 441.05 MT-500 Plus 10-cup Coffeemaker with Metallic Alloy Body and Stainless Thermal Carafe

I really like that the coffee does not turn bitter after staying around for hours. This has always been my complaint with coffee, it either gets bitter or flat after standing around. I have a habit of forgetting to program my coffee maker so I enjoy the ability to be able to grab a cup of coffee while it is still brewing.

I love the fresh flavor of the coffee even after it been brewed for over an hour.

I really hate chords cluttering up my container space and this coffeemaker conceals the chord from view.


The brewing light has a faulty design as far as I am concerned because it tends to stay on for a few minutes after the coffee is ready. I also find that the coffee pours out slowly and you have to tilt it over to get the last drops. Since I am handicapped it is sometimes difficult for me to get to the bottom.

I can hardly see the water level numbers. My eye is bad and the numbers should be bigger.

I don’t like the cleanup as the grinds stick to the lid and you have to wipe them up.

The Final Verdict:

This coffee maker is a little hard to keep clean and if the ball in the lid is caked with grinds the coffee will spill over. If you don’t align the carafe with the drip stop properly it will also spill over. The numbers on the machine should be bigger to facilitate people with poor eyesight. This model is great for a younger couple.

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