Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Cafe

My wife and I always choose products which are good for the health and condition of our family. We are conscious about our health and so, we want only foods, products and lifestyle that will cater to that need. So, we serve fruits and vegetables on the table for the family and less in red meat and just sufficient amount of carbohydrates. We exercise regularly, too. And we chose Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Café, which is a coffeemaker especially designed for health-conscious people.

Capresso 440

This coffeemaker comes with a Stainless Thermoblock heating system which reduces the mixing of coffee with the aluminum particles inside the coffeemaker. So, far this is the only coffee maker which has concretized this kind of technology for a coffeemaker which is considerate of people’s health. Furthermore, the features of this coffeemaker are outstanding.

Capresso 440.05 MT-500 10-Cup Electronic Coffeemaker with Thermal Café can brew up to 10 5-ounce cups in just 8 minutes. It also has a stainless vacuum carafe which keeps coffee hot up to four hours. Unlike the using the hotplate, the café maker’s carafe do not scorch the coffee, so it stays fresh and ready to serve. The coffee maker also comes with a programmable clock timer in which you could set the time for brewing process. So, you can have a freshly brewed cup of coffee the moment you wake up in the morning.

Other features include the automatic pause when the carafe is removed; a charcoal water filter which eliminates up to 83 percent of chorine in tap water; an electronic indicator which tells you when the water filter needs to be replaced; a permanent Gold Tone Filter; automatic shutoff after brewing; a concealed cord storage and an external water-level indicator.

The cons include: the filter is not removable; a not removable water tank and the price is high. But when your health is highly valued, what more could you ask for?

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