Save Money with the Capresso 115.01 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

The Capresso 115.01 is not only an espresso maker but it also makes delicious cappuccinos. Being a drinker of both beverages for many years, I have never owned a machine like this one and have definitely saved tons of money from not having to pay high prices at the coffee shop. There are plenty of features on this espresso and cappuccino maker that I am still finding out about months after buying it for daily use.

Capresso 115.01 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker

Features of the Capresso 115.01

  • Powerful and fast with 16-bar pressure
  • Advanced ThermoBlock heating system
  • Water level indicator for easy refill
  • Selector switch for multiple functions
  • Water reservoir with 48-ounce capacity
  • Provides continuous steam


The Capresso 115.01 works fast and does a great job to produce fresh coffee flavors without burning the grounds. The 16-bar pump pressure extracts evenly and offers consistency when brewing. There is also an advanced Thermoblock heating system built into the machine so the water is always at an optimal temperature for brewing.

A simple but useful feature on the Capresso 115.01 is the water level indicator which makes refilling much easier. My old machine not only made espressos only but it also required peering over the entire unit to see into the reservoir located in the back. This was extremely inconvenient because I am a frequent coffee drinker so even a small task being repeated constantly can be annoying.

A new function that I did not have with my old machine is that the Capresso 115.01 provides continuous steam so my brew stays fresh for much longer. There is also a selector switch for various functions like steam, hot water, espresso, and cappuccino. It is simple to use and does great job with every feature.

More Reasons to Buy the Capresso 115.01

  • Swivel wand provides frothing and steaming
  • Includes measuring scoop
  • Self-locking filter holder and valve
  • Warming surface keeps cups ready
  • Removable drip tray
  • Convenient cord storage

There are more reasons to buy the Capresso 115.01 espresso and cappuccino maker besides the basic features. The additional reasons to buy are convenience like a removable drip tray that can be easily cleaned without hanging the whole unit over the counter. Another benefit is the self-locking valve and filter which prevents spills or mess.

The Capresso 115.01 seems a lot more expensive than it actually is because of the warming surface. It keeps cups warm until you are ready to use them and is surprisingly better than the store-bought espresso or cappuccino. Yet another small yet important feature is the cord storage which makes managing kitchen counter space much simpler. When not in use, the convenient nook fits the entire cord comfortably.

The best reason to buy the Capresso 115.01 is because of my favorite feature, the swivel frothing wand. The major difference between espresso or cappuccino machines that are made for home use is this tiny detail. The cafes have professional equipment so they offer higher grade coffee with perfect froth on top. The Capresso 115.01 offers this unlike many machines out there today.

Is the Capresso 115.01 Right for You?

If you are looking for a reliable espresso maker that also makes cappuccinos and froth for the beverages then consider the Capresso 115.01. The price is affordable and there are a wide range of features that other machines have and don’t have. I have read countless reviews and seen many coffee drinkers disappointed with their expensive models so a high price tag does not always mean quality. If you want more for less then try the Capresso 115.01.

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