Can Coffee Cure Cancer?

It seems that daily life throws a constant array of claims at us, regarding what we can and can not eat, drink and do with our bodies. Well, today is no different, as a new Japanese study has discovered good news for caffeine junkies – they’ve found that people who drink more than a cup of coffee every day are less likely to develop liver cancer than those who are coffee-free.

The researchers involved in the study watched over 61,000 people aged 40 or older, for between seven and nine years. By the end of the study, 117 of those people had developed liver cancer, and after analyzing their age, sex and other factors, the research team found there was a 0.58% chance of developing liver cancer for those who drank more than a cup of coffee a day, while those who drank less than one cup of java daily had a 0.71% chance of developing the Big C.

Of course, that’s a fairly small percentage difference between the two, so non-coffee drinkers might want to think twice before diving into a double decaf latte in a crazy bid to avoid cancer, but the results do give the researchers, from Tohoku University in Sendai, reason to investigate further. Though they have yet to pinpoint the actual substance in coffee that might be helping to improve the health of the liver, early talk is that chlorogenic acid, which is regularly present in coffee beans, was known to have reduced the risk of liver cancer in animal studies.

As always, however, there’s a trade-off. One group of scientists tell you that coffee helps your liver, while another will tell you that it’ll hurt your heart, at least in large quantities, while others still recommend a daily cup to keep heart problems at bay.

Who can you believe? We don’t know, but what we can say is this: Mmmm…. coffee good.


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