Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffee maker

I love the design of the Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker. In fact, I was so taken with its look that I had to make an effort to make myself follow up and research consumer reviews about its performance; I think I was afraid I would read something that would make the decision difficult, and I already knew I wanted that machine on my counter. Happily, the reviews of its performance and its coffee held up, and I got to give myself permission to order it!

Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffeemaker

Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker product features:

  • 12-Cup capacity
  • Fast brew technology for quick brewing
  • Removable water reservoir for easy filling
  • Bi-level control of brew strength
  • Programmable for automatic brewing
  • Gold tone reusable coffee filter
  • Charcoal purifying water filter
  • Specialized 1-to-4 cup setting
  • Pause to Pour feature allows carafe to be removed during brewing


So, about the look that so attracted me… The Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker is constructed with a columnar design, in a shiny (but not glossy) brushed stainless that hovers between black and metallic, and doesn’t show up smudges and fingerprints the way a glossy finish would do. The glass carafe is a smoky grey that brings to mind tinted limousine windows (and masks the coffee staining when I don’t soak it as frequently as I should). It pours cleanly without dribbling if you don’t try to rush and pour too quickly.

The machine doesn’t leak or dribble either, even when I take advantage of the pause to pour feature which allows the carafe to be removed for up to thirty seconds during brewing. (I have enjoyed this feature on several machines now, and the Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker is the first one that doesn’t drip at least a little when I first remove the carafe) In my own experience, the most water spills have always happened in the process of trying to fill the water reservoir through the top, particularly when there’s too little clearance between the machine and the cupboard, when the top isn’t designed to open fully, or when the carafe from which you’re pouring is a rampant Leaker. So I’m pleased to report that the removable reservoir (that’s right—the entire water tank lifts out) is super-easy to fill at the sink and replace in the machine. You still need to have enough clearance above the machine to open its top, and now to slide a tall water container in and out, but the hassle of awkward pouring and inevitable spilling is not an issue with this model.

The reusable metal mesh filter eliminates the need for disposable paper filters, and my garbage disposal makes it easy to clean the filter between uses; I tap it out into the sink, hose it down with the dish spraying nozzle, and let the disposal take care of the mess. It can also go into the dishwasher, as can the carafe and the removable water tank. A word of caution when it comes to coffee carafes and dishwashers; glass coffee carafes are notorious for shattering in dishwashers (or due to mishandling) and they can be ridiculous to locate and to price. If you’re at all nervous about yours, a hand-wash alternative is always safe, and will produce less wear and tear on the carafe itself. For periodic stain cleaning, try a mixture of vinegar and lemons, or sea salt and ice.

The Calphalon Electric 12-Cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker makes a mean cup of coffee, and I mean that in the best sense. You can select from one of two strength settings (regular or bold) for a stronger or milder brew, and of course you can further fine-tune your brewing by using varying amounts of ground coffee. This machine can conjure up the perfect brew for you.


  1. I need help, my cofee maker sometimes dos not start with the button . 0n/off . It has given me years of good service and I am notplanning

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