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Green Beans Coffee has been providing organic coffee, tea and pastries to soldiers in the Middle East, Africa, Southwest Asia and North America for the past ten years in over 65 cafes. The Green Beans Coffee cafes give deployed service members a little bit of home for just a few minutes. Now, Green Beans Coffee has introduced a new program that lets anyone say thanks to one of our service members with a cup of coffee and a personal message of thanks.

The new program, Cop of Joe for a Joe, lets people show their support for men and women in uniform by buying a cup of premium organic coffee and having it delivered to a soldier serving oversease along with a personal message of thanks.

The new promotion isn’t a big departure for Green Beans Coffee. The company was created in 1996 by Jason Araghi after a visit to the Middle East. He and his brother Jon opened a gourmet coffee shop in Saudi Arabia. Not long after, troops from a nearby American Army base asked the brothers to open a coffee shop on base. Within months, Araghi had been invited to open three more locations by the Air Force. Since the very beginning, the company’s mission has been rooted in a deep seated respect, honor and gratitude to the troops serving our country overseas and at home.

For as little as $2, visitors to can buy a cup of coffee for a soldier overseas. The coffee will be served to a soldier stationed overseas, along with a personal message from you. The company will accept a donation of any amount, though it lists $2, $5, $10 and $60 (Buy a Cup of Joe for 30 Joes).

In addition, Green Beans Coffee will reaffirm its commitment of serving our troups by contributing a portion of every singel purchase through Cup of Joe for a Joe to one of the service-related charities that they regularly support. Those charities include Soldier’s Angels, which provides aid and comfort to soldiers and their families, and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS).

Jason Araghi says that Cup of Joe for a Joe grows out of one of the fundamental principals of the company.

“Green Beans Coffee was founded in 1996 with the mission that every soldier and civilian serving their country away from home deserves a morale boost and an improvement in their quality of life. Our cafes have become a haven to get away from the stresses of the environment they are in, even if it’s for only fifteen minutes a day. Supporting these men and women, we believe, is patriotic and apolitical.”

According to Araghi, during World War II more than 12% of Americans personally knew a soldier who was serving. Today, only about 1% of the population knows a solider or civilian serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Part of the intent of Cup of Joe for a Joe is to bridge that gap and allow anyone who wants to send a message of thanks to the troops to make a personal connection. The order form at offers you the option to include your email address when sending your message. Reach out and pour a cup of coffee across the sea. It will make a difference in a soldier’s day.


  1. Annie Bustin, RN says

    You must always believe that we support you, are with you in spirit, have your backs here at home, love you deeply, miss you terribly, pray for you daily, and appreciate you with unquenchable thirst for the incredible courage and dedication you live by. You are our heroes and we salute you.

  2. Marilyn Kilpatrick says

    I have a daughter in Afganistan and would love to send soldiers in her area a cup of coffee please tell me how.

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