Just Like the Quick Stop – Bunn Stainless Steel 2.5 Liter Airpot

Let me tell you why I bought this airpot in the first place. My daughter is a teenager and, like most teenage girls, she believes that we should live like the rich and famous. Her concept of that includes never letting anyone see a clothes hamper in the bathroom or the coffee maker in the dining area. I have tried to disguise the coffee machine with a tea cozy but that didn’t work out very well. Thus, the purchase of the Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot was put into action – by my daughter.

She convinced her father that we “needed” this and that “Mom” has wanted one for a long time. Now, my daughter thinks she’s moving toward the right aesthetic and I think the dining room looks just like the Quick Stop.

BUNN 32125.0000 2.5 Liter Lever-Action Airpot

Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot (32125) product features:

  • Easy care Stainless Steel finish
  • 2.5 liter capacity
  • Lever-action dispenser
  • Brew-through lid
  • Easy to transport
  • Stainless Steel lining to keep liquid hot


Whatever you do, don’t tell her that I actually like the Airpot. I really like it for parties because it keeps plenty of coffee hot while I’m making another pot. Now, the girls at our lingerie party don’t have to wait for another cup while I get another pot going. The Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot lets the coffee stay hot without causing it to get that burned taste. It holds just one cup shy of a full 12-cup pot!

One of the reasons that the Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot keeps the coffee hot – not just warm – is because of the brew through lid. When I read that on the box, I kept thinking what on earth does that mean? It became clear when I went to put the coffee into the thermos. You don’t remove the lid! You pour the coffee right into the hole designated for it. By not opening the lid to fill it, your coffee stays hot because the inside of the carafe holds the heat better. Years ago, my husband used to make me go ice fishing with him. I don’t care what you’re sitting inside of – ice fishing is cold. At those outings we always had several thermoses of hot coffee and hot chocolate. I’d open the bottle to pour some into the cup and he would start nagging me about how long I had the stopper out. It seems that the longer a container is open, the faster the contents cool off. By golly, I think he might be right because the brew-through lid really helps to make sure the coffee stays good and hot.

Did I mention how much I enjoy the push lever instead of pouring hot coffee on my flooring? Maybe I should be asking if I mentioned how appreciative my daughter is. Anything and everything that parents do – or fail to do – just mortifies teenagers. Remember when you’re mother would walk out in front of your boyfriend in hair curlers? Well, my performance of pouring coffee slightly over the top of my cup had the same immediate response from my little princess. It was bad enough that I felt like an idiot, but seeing it spill like Niagara Falls onto the floor wasn’t the smoothest move. The Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot has saved me from having to clean the floor.

Well, the short of it is the Bunn Stainless Steel Airpot is the best present my daughter ever insisted I get. We have purchased two more – one for my husband’s truck and an extra for his ice-fishing hut. I get up and make the food and coffee for the bunch and return to my nice warm bed.

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