BUNN ST Velocity Brew Coffee Brewer Combines Great Taste with Easy Operations

The BUNN ST Velocity Brew is by far the best value I have found in any coffee maker and it is surprising how affordable this machine is. All the machines I have ever used either cost a lot and is too complicated to use or the product ends up breaking down after just a few short months. But this coffee brewer is simple in terms of design but optimizes great taste with simple operations. There is no longer a need to go through a stressful process just to enjoy a flavorful and aromatic cup of coffee.

I expected to run into some problem or another with the BUNN ST Velocity Brew but after several months of use, I have no issues to report yet. In fact, I decided to write this review so that other coffee drinkers will not have to waste time or money with expensive machines that simply do not make the grade. These are just some features that have made this coffee maker my favorite so far.

BUNN ST Velocity Brew 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

Product Features of the BUNN ST Velocity Brew

  • Fast brewing process
  • Capacity of 10 cups
  • Options to brew less
  • Unique spray head technology
  • Internal tank keeps water hot
  • Easy and simple operations


The BUNN ST Velocity Brew makes the entire brewing operation easy and simple because there is no complicated manual or setup to deal with. Additionally, this coffee maker works fast to brew in just under 4 minutes. Usually, a machine with this kind of speed will have some traces of bitterness but there was none with this model. Each and every brew tastes and smells as flavorful as the last.

This coffee maker also comes with a nice volume of 10 cups which is the perfect portion for my family since just about every member is an avid coffee drinker. My old machine only had a capacity of 4 cups which wasted my time from constantly brewing again. The BUNN ST Velocity Brew offers just the right amount and I can always brew less than the maximum capacity.

The internal hot water tank on the BUNN ST Velocity Brew is great for keeping the brew warm for up to 2 hours. This is especially beneficial when I have people over for dinner because even if I start the brew before dinner, it will still stay fresh and flavorful until I am ready to serve coffee with dessert. The unique spray-head ensures that the water distribution is even and maximum flavors are extracted.

More Benefits of Using the BUNN ST Velocity Brew

  • Vacuum-insulated thermal carafe
  • Great source for hot water
  • Carafe has stay-cool handle
  • Durable and well-built base
  • Velocity brew technology

The BUNN ST Velocity Brew is extremely durable and made with a die-cast base so it will always look as new as the first day even after months of constant use. Another benefit of using this coffee brewer is that it doubles as a convenient source for hot water. This means that anytime I want tea instead or need hot water to make hot chocolate for the kids, this machine makes it readily available.

The carafe is included with the BUNN ST Velocity Brew and is uniquely designed with a stay-cool handle. This is especially important because when handling a full carafe, it can be easy to slip if the handle is too hot. My old machine had a short plastic handle and would get too hot to touch within a couple minutes after the brew is completed.

With velocity brew technology, each and every cup will taste just as good as the last. The BUNN ST Velocity Brew is a great value because it combines high quality taste with simple operations and does not cost a bundle to buy.


  1. You pour in the amount of water that you want the coffee maker to dispense. The already heated water will give you that much and keep what you just poured in to replace it.

  2. We were given a Bunn Velocity Brew for Christmas. I know it has the option of brewing less than 10 cups of coffee, but just how do I do that if coffee maker tank is supposed to be kept full?

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