BUNN MC MyCafe Single Pod Brewer Offers Unique Quality

The BUNN MC MyCafe Single Serve coffee maker is a new favorite in my book because of the unique quality it offers for a great price. There are more features than many other models give and it also packs quite a lot of power for a single pod brewer. After spending a lot of money for my old coffee maker, I decided to give this one a try and it certainly has done a great job of relieving stress at work without inconveniencing my day.

BUNN MC MyCafe Single Serve Coffee Maker
Product Features

  • Brew 4 to 14 ounces in a single cup
  • Makes gourmet coffee and tea
  • Stainless steel water tank keeps water hot
  • Pulse-brew option for bolder flavors


The BUNN MC MyCafe Single Pod Brewer can offer various cup sizes from 4 to 14 ounces. This is great when I need an extra kick to my day but do not want to brew a second cup. Especially during stressful days at work, I only have a few minutes to setup the coffee maker before resuming work. It is nice to have a machine that also makes tea as well as gourmet coffee. This variety is great because on weekends I can take the unit home to use.

This BUNN MC MyCafe Single Pod Brewer also offers a stainless steel water reservoir which doubles as a water heater. Even after I turn it on and leave it for an hour or so, the water I put in earlier does not become cold. In fact, it stays at the ideal brewing temperature until I am ready for it to start making coffee. The BUNN MC MyCafe is simplistic in design but keeps the water hot for longer than my old complicated coffee maker.

Having the BUNN MC MyCafe is also great because of the pulse-brew option. This allows for bolder flavors with each cup. If I am having an extremely exhausting day then I can set the option to make a stronger brew. But on weekends when I take the machine home, I reset the flavor for a lighter potency. This is quite possible my favorite feature because it gives me a choice to customize the strength of my coffee.

What Else Is There?

— Completes brew in under a minute
— Patented jet action sprayhead
— Sample pack with 12 pods
— Warranty up to 2 years

Besides basic features that can be found on many coffee makers, the BUNN MC MyCafe single server coffee machine also comes out on top in terms of speed. In just under a minute, the brewing process is complete and I can enjoy my cup of fresh and flavorful coffee. Most machines take more time than that just to preheat and start up. Especially for the purposes of work, having an efficient coffee maker is very useful.

Another benefit included with the BUNN MC MyCafe is the sample pack with 12 pods. This allowed me to test out this coffee maker right after taking it out of the box. There were absolutely no complicated setup process required and I simply inserted the pod and pressed a button. The patented jet action spray head also makes sure that the flavor extraction is even and to perfection.

A good reason to try the BUNN MC MyCafe Single Pod Brewer is because it comes with not just a one year warranty but it doubles that. Most machines will have one problem or another so it is comforting and cost-effective to have a coffee maker that guarantees to run smoothly for twice as long as others. The BUNN MC MyCafe was the perfect choice for me in terms of price, quality, and performance so give it a try and see if it will be the best coffee maker for you.

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