BUNN HG Phase Brew Home Coffee Brewer Perfectly Combines Taste and Quality

I was skeptical about the BUNN HG Phase Brew Home coffee brewer at first but was looking for a reasonably priced model that got more positive reviews than negative ones. After just the first brew, I am confident that this machine works better than many models I paid double the price for. A majority of the good reviews that I found praise the smart technology built-in and I have experienced first hand how efficient and powerful the BUNN HG Phase Brew really is.

BUNN HG Phase Home Coffee Brewer

Basic Product Features

  • Make 4 to 8 cups with each brew
  • Stainless funnel and glass carafe
  • Programmable settings for auto-brew
  • LCD display is easy to see
  • Fast water heating within 6 minutes
  • Great tasting fresh coffee within 4 minutes


First let’s take a look at the basic features like cup capacity. The BUNN HG home coffee brewer makes up to 8 cups with a single brew which is enough for my household but may be too little for large dinner parties with more than 15 guests. In my experience however, a party of 20 people would not be too bad since the entire brewing process including heating the water, requires only 10 minutes. After I serve the first batch to guests, I will not have to wait too long for the next one to complete.

Another basic feature that is commonly found in many machines is the programmable timer. This is an absolute must for me because my mornings are hectic to say the least. The BUNN HG Phase Brew Home coffee brewer not only starts brewing on its’ own but it does it according to my customized setting. Even for weekends, I set the machine to have fresh coffee ready when I return home from doing errands all day.

For people like me who loathe tiny screens will appreciate the clear and easy to see LCD display on the BUNN HG. It makes it easier to use and also adds a few bonus points for appeal. But aside from the appearance, the technology is quite impressive.

The BUNN HG Phase Brew coffee brewer makes great tasting coffee and is equipped with a stainless brew funnel to eliminate those unwanted flavors in the water. Also, the phase technology guarantees that the water you add will reach the optimal brewing temperature of 200 degrees within 6 minutes. This is much quicker than your traditional boiling process in a kettle or pot.

Smart Features

  • Indicator tells when cleaning is needed
  • Carafe warmer automatically shuts off
  • Advanced heat and release technology
  • Water level window

Besides basic features that all machines like this one should have, the BUNN HG Phase Brew coffee brewer is unique because it also offers smart technology. The patent-pending heat and release technology was integrated to maximize the extraction of flavors during brewing. Also, the warmer will automatically shutoff within 2 hours of inactivity which helps a great deal during the many times I forget to turn it off. Other intelligent features like the water level window and cleaning indicator takes all the legwork out of manually opening the lid to see how much water remains, or how clean the machine is or isn’t.

Why You Should Buy the BUNN HG Phase Brew Home Coffee Brewer

For coffee lovers like me who are not looking to invest hundreds of dollars on a coffeemaker, the BUNN HG coffee brewer is an ideal choice. There is definitely no compromise when it comes to great tasting coffee yet it also works quickly whether or not you are running out of time. Also, if you prefer settings that allow you to preset the brew the night before without struggling to see the LCD display then you will love the BUNN HG as much as I have.

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