Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn coffee makers are made by the company that introduced the fluted paper coffee filter to the market. Bunn-O-Matic is a commercial coffee machine maker founded in 1957 when George Bunn came up with the idea of fluting coffee filter paper into a stand-alone paper coffee filter. A few years later, in 1963, Bunn revolutionized the coffee making industry again by introducing the first pour-over automatic drip coffee maker. The machine invented by George Bunn, the Bunn-O-Matic, was an almost immediate success, taking over the commercial coffee maker industry for years.

The pour over brewing system was the innovation that restaurants had been waiting for, and it wasn’t long before homemakers clamored for the same kind of technology in their home kitchens.

Bunn answered the call in 1972 when the Bunn company introduced a commercial quality drip coffee maker for home use. Trading on its well-known name in the commercial coffee maker field, the Bunn home coffee maker took off, though it faced stiff competition from the new kid on the block, Mr. Coffee.

Over the years, the Bunn coffee maker company continued to make innovations in coffee brewing technology, but didn’t stop there. The various improvements made by Bunn include a new way of calibrating heating temperatures, an iced tea brewer and new models of Bunn home coffee makers that included features like stainless steel tanks with thermostat control and a patented ceramic coated warmer plate.

The latest innovation by the Bunn coffee maker company is the Bunn My Cafe coffee brewer, a single cup pod coffee brewer that uses pre-measured coffee pods to make “a perfect cup of coffee or tea every time”. The Bunn coffee company touts its patented Bunn Brewing Difference, which combines three separate systems to make perfect hot drinks. They include

– a patented temperature system that keeps water at 200 degrees, the perfect temperature for brewing

– pulse brew technology that precisely times the brewing time for eitehr 30 seconds or 50 seconds depending on the strength of the coffee or tea to be brewed

– a patented spray head design and commercial grade water pump to provide the right amount of “turbulence” to keep the coffee or tea leaves suspended in hot water so as to extract just the right amount of flavor without bitterness

The My Cafe works with all ESE coffee pods as well as with other standard size coffee pods and tea bags. The volume is adjustable to make from 2 ounces to 14 ounce beverages, and the Bunn My Cafe coffee maker line includes both pour over models and plumbed models that can be attached to the water line just like a refrigerator with an automatic ice maker.

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