BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew ThermoFresh

I first got familiar with the Bunn line of brewers in my waitressing days, where the Bunn machines worked overtime at the upscale café where I served breakfasts, along with cup after cup of really good coffee.

So when I was shopping for a home machine, the BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew ThermoFresh 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer caught my attention—as well as my eye, with its sleek stainless design.

That was last year, and I’m still enjoying the machine, which serves me as tirelessly as those restaurant models did back in the day.

BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew ThermoFresh 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer

BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew ThermoFresh product features:

  • 10-cup capacity
  • Brews in only 3 minutes
  • Hot water holding tank with internal thermostat
  • Spray head nozzle design improves coffee-flavor extraction
  • Instant hot water for cooking or tea
  • Stainless-steel vacuum-insulated carafe
  • Close-and-brew machine lid signals the machine to brew when you close it, no buttons required
  • Automated vacation switch for extended absences
  • 3-year limited warranty


To my thinking, the greatest feature of the BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew is its hot water reservoir, which keeps water ready-to-go for brewing around the clock. There’s not a delayed brew function for programming the coffee to brew ahead of time because there’s no need for that kind of pre-planning; I can brew the full ten cups in a matter of two and a half minutes (The handbook says three, but I timed mine, and it’s even quicker than the claim).

That’s about as long as it takes me to get out my mug, pour creamer into it from the fridge, and add sweetener—so my coffee is always ready as soon as I’m ready for it.

As a former waitress, I feel compelled to sing the praises of the carafe, which not only keeps my coffee hot with its thermal insulation, but also does a marvelous job of pouring without dripping or dribbling or making messes on my counter.

And it’s completely dishwasher-safe, which makes this unit nearly maintenance-free! The one task I need to perform regularly to keep my BUNN BTX-B coffee brewer happy is topping off the hot water reservoir so it doesn’t run dry and damage the machine. A friend with a similar model had warned me about making sure to unplug the machine when I left for vacations, but I discovered this model is actually smart enough to turn itself off (the “vacation switch” feature) if it goes unused for several consecutive days.

I’ve gotten accustomed to the strangeness of having no button to push, since the machine begins its instant brewing the moment you close its lid—and I’ve also learned to have the carafe set in place before closing the lid.

I’ve also taken to using the BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew coffee brewer as an instant hot water source, making tea for the friend who’s not a coffee drinker, mixing up the powdered gourmet hot chocolates I get in my Christmas stocking every year, and even for some cooking functions.

You would probably laugh if you could see me, but I’ll turn on the hot plate, put my little ramen-pot right on it, and use the instant hot water to cook up lunch in just a matter of minutes. (I got that idea, too, from my waitress-days, when I used to set down a plate momentarily on the coffee warmer while I gathered condiments. This is just taking the idea a step further.)

When I’m using it for its intended purpose, the BUNN BTX-B Velocity Brew ThermoFresh Home coffee brewer brews a matchless cup of coffee! When I read in the product features that the machine uses a spray head nozzle in the brewing basket to extract the utmost flavor from the ground coffee beans, I wasn’t entirely sure how that worked, or whether I’d be able to tell the difference. I can answer definitively now: the difference is apparent when you drink, and it’s amazing.

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