Bunn BTD Velocity Brew High Altitude 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer – Big Name, Bigger Performance

We’ve got a cabin in the mountains we go to vacation at each Fall and over the last few years I’ve found myself getting increasingly frustrated with having to keep going to microwave my coffee if I didn’t immediately drink the whole cup – the joys of living at altitude and all that. The Bunn BTD Velocity Brew High Altitude Coffee Brewer (BTX-B(D) to be exact) has been a godsend in keeping my blood pressure down.

Its carafe is double-walled, and unlike some steel constructions I’ve used, the heat doesn’t transfer uncomfortably into its sturdy handle, making this a sturdy and convenient little workhorse.

BUNN BTD Velocity Brew High Altitude 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer

Bunn BTD Velocity Brew High Altitude Product Features:

  • Quick brewing
  • Uses regular ground coffee beans
  • Designed to keep the coffee hot at altitude
  • Easy to use, easy to clean


The Bunn BTD Velocity Brew brews quickly – usually taking only as much time as it takes to boil a kettle – and is one of the easier makes to use that I’ve tried over the years. It’s also easy to clean and maintain – that stainless steel carafe just rinses and is ready to use – and unless you’ve used a particularly coarse ground set of beans, the filter doesn’t need more than a quick once-over every now and then.

The Bunn BTX-B(D) Velocity Brew coffee maker doesn’t have a warmer plate or a built-in grinder – instead you have a tank at the back with a switch marked ‘vacation’ that you can flip to keep your coffee heated – for me this works better as I found most coffees that rest on a plate to warm tend to taste burned after five to ten minutes – the tank just seems to keep that taste fresher for me.

The lack of a grinder is also not an issue because the coffee brewer does its magic so quickly – you’d need something built by NASA to keep up. You’ll need to have a well-blended coffee in a pot, or a good small handheld grinder (I use a Krups for that). To be fair though, if you’re as big a coffee nut as I am, you’ll have invested in a good grinder already, or are buying from a store who take some pride in preparing the beans. You’ll want a good smooth fine blend to get the best out of this baby.

A word of warning though – they’re not joking about the High Altitude part of the Bunn BTD Home Coffee Brewer name. I was so used to mediocre machines that I nearly scalded myself with my first cup. In addition I’m glad to report that it tends to hold its heat up to around three hours, even up at some seven and a half thousand feet above sea level. You’ll probably also want to buy the Bunn brand filters too as they’re a bit taller and will stop the grounds getting splashed out.

If you’re brewing a lot of cups a day, the Bunn BTD Velocity Brew High Altitude 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Home Coffee Brewer is absolutely the make for you. I’ve got a lot of friends who love their coffee, and I imagine this would do well in an office where the caffeine needs to flow. I wouldn’t use the Bunn BTX-B(D) if it was likely to be left standing on its own – that water tank heater isn’t the cheapest way to keep things hot if you’re on a tight budget, or worried about how ‘green’ your household is. I love this coffee machine – wish I’d bought one sooner.

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