Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic Coffee Brewer

Do you remember that car commercial that said “This is not your father’s Oldsmobile?” That’s how I feel about my Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker–this is not my mother’s coffee maker. She did have a Bunn for years; in fact, I think she might still be using that same one. The Bunn seems to last forever, so I didn’t mind at all paying the price tag for the Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker.

I’ve gone the cheap route before, and I realize now that it’s not a cost-saving plan to buy a series of consecutive “inexpensive” coffee makers. But when I buy a cheap one, that’s what happens: I end up having to buy another, all too soon. The commercial rating on the Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker is pretty much a guarantee that this machine can stand up to a beating, or at least a lot of use. In fact, it’s my personal theory that the reason Bunn is happy to offer a three-year service warranty is because their machines don’t need service for at least three years!

Bunn A10 Pour-O-Matic Coffee Brewer

The unique design of the Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker includes a pre-heating reservoir. Whenever the tank is full and preheated to its brewing temperature, which takes about fifteen minutes, I can start brewing instantly at any time. If the machine itself is on, there are never more than three minutes standing between me and my next cup of coffee.

The Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker is also designed to brew in small quantities without producing a bitter batch, which is too often a problem with a cheaper machine which makes a decent full pot of coffee, but an awful quarter-pot.

I imagine it’s the stainless steel components and construction of the Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker that makes it so indestructible, and I’m sure it’s the spray-nozzle design of the water dispenser over the coffee grounds that makes the coffee itself so worth coming back for a second cup, and a third.

Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker Product Features:

  • Quick brewing in varying volumes (two cups to eight cups)
  • Small footprint to fit easily on the counter
  • Preheating of water allows for instant brewing
  • Hot water dispenser for other beverages, including tea

More Features:

  • Warming plate keeps coffee heated
  • Spray-formation water dispenser for even extraction of coffee
  • Commercial rating
  • One-year product warranty and three-year service warranty

Instead of blasting a stream of water into the middle of the grounds, the spray design evenly extracts the coffee’s flavor (I always picture the difference between watering flowers with a sprinkler-head watering can, versus the power nozzle on the hose). It’s just a better cup of coffee, plain and simple.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference, and in the “little things” category, I’d like to add that the illustrated user manual when I first set up the Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker was super helpful (not translated through three languages as so many of them seem to be), and that the deliming spring included with the machine is a little bit of genius. That takes care of the biggest difficulty in coffee machine maintenance, and I’m sure the maintenance adds to the machine’s life. Not that I fear I’m in any danger of having the Bunn A10 Pour-o-Matic coffee maker poop out on me any time soon. I have a hunch this will be brewing great coffee for at least the next decade.

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