Make It Company – Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer

This is not a coffee maker for the home – unless you have a huge party or a lot of coffee drinkers. The Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer VP17-3SS3L with three lower warmers is more of an investment for a small business than it is a coffee maker.

BUNN 13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer product features:

  • Three Lower Warming Plates
  • Requires NO Plumbing
  • Splash Guard funnel
  • Stainless Steel finish for easy clean-up
  • Brews 3.8 gallons per hour
  • Completely Portable

BUNN 13300.0003 VP17-3SS3L Pourover Commercial Coffee Brewer

My husband’s business is commercial cleaning supplies and it is part file room, part office and ¾ warehouses. He has more than 50 employees who are in and out of the office all the time. We had been renting our coffee brewing system from a company that made deliveries of coffee. That would make sense if we used more coffee or if we were selling it. But, for us, it was just too much waste. One of the things we did when we tightened our financial belt was to buy our own. Of all the models we looked at seriously, the Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer seemed to be the best option.

We live in a northern climate where snow is normal in winter and it gets brutally cold. When the guys come in from the road, the first thing that they look for is a hot cup of fresh coffee. Now, they do have that available and get to choose which type of coffee that they prefer. Some of the people in the office like a flavored coffee – hazelnut seems to be running number one at this time – and they can have a pot all their own if they like. We have plenty of coffee for the salesmen that come in to show us the latest deals with the Bunn VP17-3SS3L Commercial Coffee Brewer. You can make a pot of coffee in less than 2 minutes!

I know that speed may not seem like an important thing in the average scheme of doing business. But, it is awfully nice to be able to get a visitor a cup of fresh brewed coffee that is ready as fast as it takes them to unpack their briefcases. It is a pleasure to run into the office from a snow covered parking lot, start a pot of coffee on the way to the restroom and have it ready when you return. That’s why the speediness of the Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer is important in our office.

Of all the features that we really appreciate, the fact that the Bunn VP17-3SS3L coffee brewer required no plumbing in order to install it was one of our favorites. If you have never had to deal with frozen water lines when the heat has gone out in a warehouse, let me tell you – you don’t want a coffee system that requires it to be directly plumbed. If you have plumbing problems of any kind and have that type of system – you have no coffee system at all. Worse, you have no hopes of having a system until that whole plumbing issue is corrected. Besides, because it has no plumbing, I get to carry it home for all my bridal showers.

When it comes to cost, I can tell you that it is a lot cheaper than a yearly contract with a coffee supply company. The cost of owning your own Bunn Commercial Coffee Brewer is about the same as 3 months cost of renting it and buying one box of 12 large packets of coffee. In this era of a rough economy and saving every penny possible to keep the business operating with a profit, it is silly not to have your own when you can.

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