Briel Espresso Machines

Briel espresso machines are highly regarded in both the domestic and commercial markets in Europe, and are starting to be recognized for their high quality in the U.S. The Briel company was founded in 1978 in Portugal to make home appliances. The first Briel espresso machine was introduced in 1982. It immediately became a popular success in Portugal and across Europe. The success of the first Briel espresso machine convinced the company’s founders to abandon their other product lines and focus exclusively on making Briel espresso machines and coffee machines.

By 1990, Briel had divested itself of all other product lines and has since focused the company’s research and development team on creating innovations in espresso machines.

Briel’s success in the home espresso maker market is based largely on the company’s commitment to commercial quality for the home market. The company’s product line includes a number of semi-automatic espresso machines and combination espresso machine and filter coffee makers. While many of Briel’s espresso machines feature the industrial coffee shop espresso machine look, their most popular line, the Briel Chamonix espresso machine, is a sleek, kitchen-friendly design that fits with the design of any kitchen style that’s at home with contemporary styles. The Chamonix is Briel’s flagship espresso machine, and it features the most popular features of all Briel espresso and filter coffee combination machines.

Briel espresso machines all feature 15 bar pumps for accurate steam pressure and ten year warranty on the espresso pump. The Chamonix features a 30 cup water reservoir, a built-in tamper and push button controls and makes one or two cups of espresso at a time – all for less than $300.

Briel also makes combination coffee makers and espresso machines that are very popular with homemakers in Europe and the U.S. The price range for Briel coffee maker/espresso machine combinations runs from about $200 up. Overall, Briel espresso machines are rated highly by coffee enthusiasts, who regularly rate Briel machines as among the best espresso machines for beginners. From the Chamonix upward through semi-professional and professional grade espresso machines, Briel covers the entire market.

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