Brewing the Best Pot of Coffee

Everyone should know how to brew a proper pot of coffee. Coffee can be served as an addition to a delicious breakfast or as a special way to end a dinner or other meal. It can be a great way for two people to sip a drink as they converse or it can be a way to perk oneself up during an exhausting day. But it’s all in how you brew it that makes it the second most popular drink in the world.

You will want to start by choosing pure, filtered water for the pot. This water should be cold and clean, allowing the coffee flavor to come through uninhibited. You might want to invest in a coffee water filter that goes directly into the coffee pot itself or choose a water filter pitcher that will keep a clean supply of water in your refrigerator. The better the water you use, the more flavorful the pot of coffee.

Brewing the Best Pot of Coffee
Brewing the Best Pot of Coffee at Home

The next thing you will want to do is make sure that you are choosing a high quality coffee. If you want to choose a store bought brand, this is fine, but you will need to follow the instructions on the side of the canister to help you make the best cup of coffee – all brands vary slightly in the proportion of coffee to water. You will also want to make sure that the grind of the coffee is automatic drip – about medium grind – in order to release the right amount of flavor in the brewing process.

And finally, you will want to make sure that the coffee maker is working properly when the brewing process is going on. The coffee that comes out should be fluid, yet not watery, however it should also not be too thick that you could stand a spoon in it. Watch the water as it goes into the pot after running through the ground coffee. The color should not waver from beginning to end.

The final touch of any pot of coffee is the condiments you serve alongside it. Try to offer fresh half and half or whole milk along with real sugar for the best flavor. However, if you must offer something artificial to sweeten up the brew, try a natural sugar like Turbinado or Stevia that will not interfere with the overall flavor of the original coffee selected.

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