Breville ESP6SXL Café Modena Makes Magically Delicious Espresso

Before deciding on the Breville ESP6SXL espresso machine, I was confused from browsing countless different models and finally made a decision based on price and appeal. To my surprise, this model not only looks great and costs much less than others but it also offers great tasting espresso every time no matter how often I have used it every morning and for parties. The multiple benefits include many reasons to try the Breville ESP6SXL and include advanced technology and convenience.

Breville XXESP6SXL espresso machine

Product Features

  • Make a variety of beverages
  • Powerful 15-bar pressure pump
  • Unique Triple-Prime Feature
  • Dual-wall creaming system
  • Advanced ThermoBlock heating


After reviewing many different espresso machines, the Breville ESP6SXL initially caught my eye because it also makes other beverages like cappuccinos. Having a wide variety with a single product is always preferred because it saves from not having to buy another coffee maker or tea brewer.

A nice surprise I got from the Breville ESP6SXL is that it works extremely fast but doesn’t make the brew taste weird. This is likely because of the 15-bar pump pressure that compresses all the grounds evenly. The unique triple-prime feature also contributes to consistent taste without the long wait like at the café.

Each day I make espresso for my entire household with the Breville ESP6SXL and I have noticed that it is equipped with ThermoBlock heating technology. This helps to guarantee great flavor because the water is always at optimal brewing temperature.

More Reasons to Try

  • Steam wand keeps steam continuous
  • Removable water tank with capacity of 40 ounces
  • Stainless steep warming plate included
  • Dial for selecting frothing and espresso functions

When having guests over, there are bigger advantages and more reasons for having the Breville ESP6SXL in my kitchen. First of all, there is a steaming wand that helps to keep the steam continuous and maintains freshness of the brew.

My favorite bonus that I got from the Breville ESP6SXL espresso machine is the warming plate that prepares the cups just like at the café. When hosting a party, tiny details exude elegance and my guests are surprised by how warm the cups are and how tasty the brew is.

The Breville XXESP6SXL also comes with a generous 40 ounces and a removable water tank. During a dinner party, the last thing I need is to have to hold the entire machine over the sink or waste time using a cup to refill the tank. Instead, I simply remove and refill which takes much less time and allows me to spend time with guests.

Yet another nifty feature on the Breville ESP6SXL is the selecting dial which allows you to customize the espresso and frothing functions. For a party of 10 people for example, it is nice to be able to offer a variety of strength and creaminess. It may seem like tiny details but these exact features helped my guests to remember my party in a positive way.

Convenient Benefits

  • Removable drip tray and grid
  • Lid with hinges at rear
  • Indicator lights to show on and ready

After constant brewing on a daily basis or after a party, the Breville ESP6SXL requires minimal maintenance. The drip tray and grid are also removable like the water tank which makes cleaning a breeze. The lid opens easily thanks to the rear hinges which allow for smooth opening.

It is extremely helpful not to deal with rough cleaning especially after a long day at work or having a large party over for dinner. Another small yet helpful feature of the Breville ESP6SXL is the indicator lights that help you see from afar when the unit is ready again for brewing.

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