Braun KF590 Impressions

Braun KF590 Impressions coffee maker is a 10 cup programmable coffee maker that includes some of the most wanted features for automatic home coffee makers. The Braun KF590 24 hour programmable timer allows you to pre-set the coffee maker to start brewing any time you choose, as well as letting you set the machine to turn off the heating plate any time from 20 minutes to 4 hours after brewing. Overall, the Braun Impressions coffee maker scores high on consumer reviews and with the professionals.

Braun KF590 Impressions

Product Description

According to the manufacturer, the Braun KF590 Impressions Digital 10-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker uses Fast-Brew technology to deliver hot, fully extracted coffee within minutes. It includes a brew-pause feature so that you can grab a cup of coffee while the pot is still brewing without having to shuffle another cup under the spout to prevent spilling coffee all over the heating plate. The Impressions coffee maker features a 54 ounce glass carafe with a large, ergonomic handle, and an exclusive filter basket release button that makes it easy to remove the filter basket for cleaning or filling.

Other highlights of the Braun KF 590 Impressions coffee maker include a pilot light and preset brewing indicator to let you know when the coffee maker is set to brew later, an LED digital clock and easy-to-use timer, and an integrated cord-storage compartment. It comes with a permanent gold-toned filter so that you never have to buy paper filters again, and a Britta water filter to ensure clean, fresh water to brew your coffee.


Product: Braun KF590 Impressions 10 cup programmable coffee maker
Type: Automatic coffee maker
Size: 14-1/8 X 7-1/2 X 13-2/7
Weight: 6 lbs
Features: programmable, built-in water filter, pause and serve feature, cord storage in body, permanent filter, 24-hour timer and FastBrew technology
Uses: permanent gold-toned filter, Britta water filter inserts, #4 cone coffee filters
Includes: permanent gold-toned filter basket, Britta water filter

If you like your coffee hot – as in, the right temperature for your coffee to be perfectly brewed, or about 180 F. – this is the coffee maker you’ve been waiting for. The Braun KF590 Impressions coffee maker is one of the few home coffee machines that consistently brews coffee at 180 F. Since I like my coffee with cream, I really appreciate a coffee maker that starts my coffee out nice and steaming hot. This one is a major plus in my eyes, and it stays hot. The warmer plate and heavy glass carafe keep your coffee warm without burning it. You can set the programmable timer to turn off the burner plate after 20 minutes, or as long as four hours after the coffee is made. Not that I’d ever let the coffee sit for four hours – but it’s nice to know that I can.

Another nice touch – the Braun coffee maker is easy to program. The simple touch pad is pretty intuitive, but if you happen to forget, there’s no need to dig out the manual from your junk drawer. The directions are printed on the inside of the lid so you’ve got them right to hand when you’re ready to set the timer for your morning coffee.

The Braun coffee maker uses a built in Britta water filter, though the machine can be used without it. If you choose to use the Britta filter, it will run you about $30 a year to replace it at the recommended intervals. The expense is worth it if you use tap water.

Finally, the small, compact design is very nice for limited counter space.


The biggest issue with the Braun Impressions KF590 coffee maker is that it brews the coffee too fast. While the water is steaming hot, it doesn’t stay in contact with the coffee long enough to brew a really strong cup of coffee. A lot of users get around this by using a paper coffee filter along with the included gold-plated filter.

The other quibble with the Braun KF590 Impressions coffee maker is that the pot, billed as a 10-cup coffee carafe, actually only holds 44.4 ounces of water. That’s ten cups – if you drink very very small cups.

The Final Verdict:
The Braun KF590 10 cup programmable coffee maker is a decent coffee maker for the money. Most of the features work as advertised, and some of the features are spectacular – such as the high brewing temperature. Others don’t quite live up to the promise, though they are relatively minor quibbles with a good machine.

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