Braun KF510-WH AromaDeluxe

Braun KF510-WH AromaDeluxe Automatic Coffee Maker is a great no-frills, back-to-basics 10-cup coffee maker. Braun KF510 uses Braun’s FastBrew technology to brew consistently hot, consistently good coffee in just 6 minutes. The coffee maker is one of the highest rated 10-cup coffee makers on the Consumer Reports 2008 survey. It’s low price and uncompromising quality make the Braun AromaDeluxe 10-cup coffee maker a best buy recommendation.

Braun KF510-WH AromaDeluxe

Product Description

Braun’s AromaDeluxe KF510 coffee maker is an easy-to-use automatic coffee maker for people who just want a coffee machine that makes a good cup of coffee without asking a lot in return. Made by Braun, the AromaDeluxe coffeemaker meets the company’s uncompromising quality standards for sturdy construction and classic style. The Model features a built-in Britta water filter so that your coffee is always made with fresh, pure, filtered water and your coffee maker’s insides aren’t gunked up with lime scale and mineral deposits. A marker on top of the water tank helps you track when it’s time to change the water filter.

The coffee maker also features a filter release button so you can easily remove the entire filter basket assembly for cleaning, and a pause and serve feature so you can sneak a cup before the coffee is completely brewed. Braun has also included some very nice-to-have safety features on the 10-cup AromaDeluxe – an open design non-slip handle on the coffee carafe, and a large red power button that clearly indicates when the coffee maker is left on.


Product: Braun KF510-WH Aroma Deluxe Automatic Coffee Maker
Type: Automatic Coffee Maker
Size: 14″x 7″x 13 inches
Weight: 5 lbs
Features: built in Britta water filter, pause and serve, dishwasher safe carafe and lid, cord storage
Uses: cone coffee filters
Includes: AromaDeluxe coffee maker, glass carafe


The AromaDeluxe coffee maker from Braun is something that’s hard to find these days – a good, basic coffeemaker without all the bells, whistles and frills that many people don’t want and shouldn’t have to pay for. If you just want to put the coffee in the basket, pour the water in the coffee maker, push a button and get a cup of coffee, then the Braun AromaDeluxe is the coffee maker you want. There’s no clock to program, no timer to argue with and no grinder that you have to figure out how to disable. There’s just an honest, hardworking coffee maker – in basic white, which is another rarity.

The AromaDeluxe coffee maker does have a few little perks, though. For instance, one of my favorites on cluttered counters – it has built-in cord storage so that the cord isn’t looping all around the other appliances. Braun also included my single most-needed coffee maker feature – a brew-pause so that I can sneak that delicious first cup of coffee before the whole pot is done brewing. The water filter is a bonus that you don’t have to use – which is a nice thing if you already use filtered water. At about $30, this basic coffeemaker would be expensive, if it weren’t a Braun. But it is a Braun coffee maker, which makes it a bargain.


The biggest con with this Braun coffee maker is the water container – which I really don’t have an issue with, but others complain that it’s hard to see through the blue-tinted plastic to tell how much water you’ve got in there. That seems pretty minor, all things considered.

The Final Verdict:
The Braun KF510-WH AromaDeluxe is a good basic coffee maker for someone who just wants to be able to brew a simple cup of coffee.


  1. “Braun also included my single most-needed coffee maker feature – a brew-pause so that I can sneak that delicious first cup of coffee before the whole pot is done brewing.” — This is stupid! When you do this you ruin the entire pot because the coffee that comes out first is strongest, so if you “sneak” that first cup out before it goes into the pot, you destroy the proper balance. The remainder of the pot will be too weak.

  2. my postal code is V4M3R8 where can I buy replacement parts for coffee maker

  3. I just want to find a store where I can go buy one–the old fashioned way. Anyone know of a “store” That carries them? Linens & Things carried them, but they went missing.

  4. But try to buy one!!! I hear nothing but rave reviews and our coffee maker is out. I’ve been trying for three days to find one in stock. online…. I’m not giving up though…