Braun Coffee Makers

The Braun brand was born in 1921 when Max Braun, a German engineer, founded his own company to manufacture small electrical appliances. Best known as makers of electric razors, Braun makes a range of about 200 products, including some of the best home market coffee makers in the world. Braun, pronounced BROWN in German but often called BRAWN in English, was acquired by The Gillette Company in 1987. In 2005, Gillette was acquired by Proctor & Gamble, which now owns the Braun brand name and produces Braun coffee makers.
The Braun brand is best known for design excellence and has won many awards for the design of their products. In 2005, the company celebrated 50 years of Design Excellence with an exhibit that was based at the Boston Museum of Art. The exhibit featured two Braun coffee makers – the Aromaster K20 and the Aromaster K40, as well as a 1964 coffee grinder.
The Braun line of coffee makers includes four separate design lines, including the highly regarded sleek, stylish Impressions Design Coffee Maker. The Braun Impressions Design Coffee Maker has a built-in Brita water filter to improve flavor and reduce limescale and calcification, which increases the life of the coffee maker. The Braun AromaDeluxe coffee maker also has an integrated Brita water filter, as well as the Aroma Deluxe fast brewing system to extract all the flavor and aroma from coffee to deliver an excellent cup of fresh-brewed coffee. Various models of the Aroma Deluxe include programmable coffee start times, a non-slip easy grip handle and a filter release system to make emptying the coffee filter easy and neat.

Braun has continued to manufacture its most basic model in deference to those customers who want a coffee maker that delivers excellent coffee without all the frills and bells and whistles. The Braun Aromaster is economical, but doesn’t compromise on quality. Its compact profile is classic, unlike many of the other Braun coffee maker lines, which feature sleek, futuristic lines. The Aromaster K40 was the successor of the Braun Aromaster K20, first released in the 1960s. The K20 was discontinued because its use of two heating elements made it too expensive to produce, which is most unfortunate. The original Braun Aromaster is one of the most unique, sleek designs ever manufactured, and would fit right into today’s modern retro kitchen alongside other retro coffee makers like the Francis Francis espresso maker. The Braun Aromaster K40 was an updated version of the Aromaster releasted in 1984. It features a swing-out filter basket and distinctive carafe. It remains virtually unchanged in the 25 years since its original release.

The most innovative of all Braun coffee makers is the Tassimo Single Cup Brewing System, a competitor to the Keurig k-cup system and the Flavia single serve coffee making system. The Tassimo is made by Braun and marketed under its own brand name. It used a patented T-Disc to brew single cups of coffee and other beverages on demand. Tassimo and Proctor & Gamble also offer a wide variety of T-Discs made by many of the world’s foremost coffee roasters and distributors. The Tassimo feaures the same sleek design elements found in so many Braun products.

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with a Braun Espresso Master Model 3602??
    I have bought a “new” one, in a box, for the bargain rate of $50.00 CDN.
    Have I made a good buy??

  2. I have an old Braun Espresso Coffee Maker. The carafe has broken. Can I get another one from you?

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