Braun KF560 Brews Better than the Café House

After many years of going to the café house and spending countless dollars on coffee, I decided to buy the Braun KF560 coffee maker in hopes of saving money. Not only did I find a great price online but I had little knowledge or experience with coffee machines so I was not sure what to expect. To my surprise, the taste was better and much cheaper than coffee from the café. Since then I have enjoyed many great standard and unique features of the Braun KF560.

Braun KF560 Brews Better than the Café House

Basic Features

  • Capacity of up to 10 cups
  • Advanced OptiBrewSystem
  • Filter release button
  • Smart sensor stops drips
  • Removable filter basket


After buying the Braun KF560, I compared it with a few similar models of the same price range and discovered that many do not have a removable filter basket. This seemed strange since it would be terribly inconvenient to clean especially when brewing on a regular basis. Another thing that the Braun KF560 had that others didn’t was a button to release the filter. The few that did have a detachable filter part required manual removal.

The Braun KF560 also beats the competition because of the sensor that will automatically stop the spout from dripping when the carafe is removed. This helps a great deal in terms of cleaning meaning there is less of it required later. It makes a big difference if there are even a couple drops each day because there is minimal time to clean it while preparing to leave for work. This espresso machine also offers a nice amount of 10 cups which is generous for daily brews yet accommodating for having family or friends over.

Additional Benefits of the Braun KF560

  • Braun PureAqua filtration system
  • Includes free replacement filter
  • Anti-slip handle prevents spills
  • Cord storage integrated
  • Carafe and lid are dishwasher-safe

Since this was my first espresso machine, it took me a few weeks to realize the additional benefits of the Braun KF560. It makes great tasting coffee likely because of the PureAqua filtration system integrated into the machine. This means that any impurities or other flavors will not end up in the brew. The package comes with a free filter so the machine is not only ready to use but will be running well for quite awhile.

Another smart feature of the Braun KF560 coffee maker is the integrated cord storage. When it is not in use, there is less clutter because the long cord can be tucked easily in the nook specially designed for it. There is also a considerate benefit to having this coffee maker because of the snit-slip handle. In a hectic household especially with children, a hot pot of coffee should be secure at all times. The safe grip not only prevents spills but accidents that can cause serious injury.

In terms of maintenance, the Braun KF560 requires minimal cleaning. The carafe and the lid are dishwasher-safe so there is no need to scrub or otherwise do more work. It will be inevitably inconvenient if a coffee maker is hard to clean because of how often it will be used. Low maintenance is always preferred with any household appliance.

The Braun KF560 vs. the Café House

After buying and using the Braun KF560 coffee maker for quite some time, there is no debate that I save a lot of money by brewing at home. It is also nice to have nice aromas around the house during the morning time and gives me something to look forward to. The café house will require a commute and about thrice the price of brewing with my Braun KF560

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