Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over Coffee Maker

Bodum is a familiar name to anyone who loves manual coffee. The brand is the go-to brand for French press coffee makers, so you know they know the company has earned its coffee making cred. So when they released the Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over coffee maker, there was every reason to sit up and take notice.

The cubist, retro good looks and the Bodum name were more than enough to queue the Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over Coffeemaker up for a review despite its rather hefty $250 price tag.

So how does the Bodum Bistro Pour Over coffee maker test out?

Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over Coffee Maker great choice if you don't mind the price


  • Dimensions: 15.5 x 11 x 7 inches
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Materials: High-quality rubber-coated plastic exterior, silicone grips on carafe and filter rim, titanium filter, insulated steel and plastic carafe, insulated glass transport tube, transparent high-impact plastic back
  • Capacity: 40 ounce water reservoir

First Impressions

For starters, the Bodum Bistro electric pour over is one stylish machine, if you like the kicky, quirky 1990s transparent plastic look. The rounded cube, bright colors, transparent back and hourglass cutout combine to create a surprisingly appealing Deco-like silhouette on your countertop. It’s available in a number of bright colors, including lime, tangerine, black, red and white, so it will fit into your kitchen color scheme beautifully, and while it’s a bit taller than most coffee makers, it still fits comfortably under most kitchen counters. And since you don’t have to lift a cover to take out the coffee filter – it pulls out from the front – or refill the water reservoir – it pulls out from the side. All in all, the Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over Coffeemaker is a pretty machine – but does it do what it’s supposed to do?

Set Up and Use

Setting up your Bodum Bistro couldn’t be easier. You plug it in, remove the water reservoir and fill it with water then slide it back into place. Pull the coffee filter housing out of the machine, fill the cone-shaped filter with measured coffee and put it back in place. Turn the machine on and wait – for just about 3 ½ minutes, which is the average length of time it takes to brew a pot of coffee directly into the insulated carafe.

Bodum Bistro Pour Over Coffeemaker Difference

What makes the Bodum Bistro electric pour over coffeemaker different than your typical drip coffeemaker? According to Bodum, there are several reasons that the Bodum Bistro makes better coffee than whatever is sitting on your countertop – unless of course, the drip coffeemaker on your countertop is a $500 Technivorm.

Water Temperature: The right water temperature is a vital component in the coffee brewing mix. Most automatic drip coffeemakers don’t get the water hot enough for optimal extraction. The Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over coffeemaker is designed to heat water to at least 195 F (or 90 C), the ideal temperature for extracting the fullest flavor from your coffee.

Shower Head

The second essential element for optimal flavor extraction is even water distribution. The Bodum Bistro has that covered with a circular showerhead configuration that gently pours water over the grounds in the titanium filter and directs the resulting coffee into the insulated carafe.

The Filter

The Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over coffeemaker comes with a gold-plated titanium filter to use instead of a paper filter. Bodum claims that the use of a metal filter results in more flavor and body in your coffee. It’s true that paper filters trap more oil and sediment than metal filters, which does result in a richer flavor. Some detractors of metal filters, on the other hand, feel that filtering through paper results in a cleaner, brighter cup of coffee. It’s a matter of taste here. If you really like your coffee lighter and brighter, you can always pop a paper filter into the Bodum Bistro’s cone.

The Bottom Line:

The Bodum Bistro Electric Pour Over coffeemaker is stylish, well-made and makes some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste from an electric drip coffee maker. Coffee made in a Bodum Electric Pour Over also compares very favorably with any of the single-serve coffeemakers we use regularly – and you can use it with any coffee you like rather than just those supplied in coffee capsules or pods. If your coffee habit is worth the cost of a typical single serve coffee brewer, you’ll get better coffee by applying the price to the Bodum Electric instead.


  1. I have only had my machine for a week, but I don;t think it gives you as clear a cup of coffee , like when you use a paper filter. Especially if you are trying to lower cholesterol, I have heard that paper filtered coffee removes most of the oils.. Can you really safely use a paper filter with the Bistro B-over machine? Also I have tiny white particles coming through when I run the machine without coffee grounds. Is that from the silicone inside parts??????

  2. I’ve had my Bodum Bistro B-over for less that 3 months. About two months ago, it developed a problem. During the last few seconds of brewing, a big burst of steam blows the plastic lid off and blows wet coffee grounds out of the gold filter, all over the machine and my kitchen. Has anyone else had this problem?

  3. hello, I have owned (both new and used) the bodum vacuum coffee maker and love the coffee. Do you think they will ever make them again? Is this the closest I can get now to that taste??

  4. The last paragraph leads me to believe this machine can be used for single cup brewing? Was considering a Breville YouBrew, but if this can accomodate a single cup brew I would have a decision on my hands. Thanks!

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