Black & Decker Coffee Makers

Black & Decker coffee makers have a great family pedigree. Black & Decker, founded in 1910 by S. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, started out as a small machine shop in Baltimore making, among other things, machines to make milk bottle caps and dip candy. In 1914, the company filed a patent for a product that would start a revolution in the construction industry – the portable electric drill. The Black & Decker drill was the foundation for an entire new class of power tools for industrial use, but Black & Decker didn’t move into the home marketplace until 1946. That was the year that the company discovered employees were taking portable drills home to use in projects at home. Seeing a new market opening, the company began a line of power tools for use at home and is credited for sparking the whole DIY movement and marketplace.

It’s a long way from power drills to coffee makers, though. Until the late 1970s, Black & Decker was a name familiar in the garage workshop, but relatively unknown in the kitchen and living room. That changed when the company introduced the Black & Decker Dustbuster, the small, portable vacuum cleaner that launched an entire new type of home appliances. Recognizing the potential of the home marketplace once again, Black & Decker acquired General Electric’s small appliance division in 1984 and began making and marketing kitchen and home appliances.

Black & Decker has been responsible for many innovations in the coffee maker industry. The company’s real breakthrough product was the Spacemaker Coffee Maker series, which was designed to mount underneath a cabinet and free up space on the kitchen counter top. The Spacemaker Coffee Maker concept hit home with busy homemakers who really appreciated the notion of getting their coffee maker up off the kitchen counter without having to put it away and drag it out to make coffee. The current Spacemaker coffee maker line includes a standard 12 cup coffee maker, a digital coffee maker and one with a stainless steel thermal carafe.

The Black & Decker coffee maker and coffee accessories line extends far beyond the Spacemaker line, though. The Black & Decker coffee line includes several other lines of coffee makers with a wide variety of features. The Black & Decker SmartBrew coffee maker line features a Perfect Pour coffee carafe that guarantees no-drip pouring to keep your countertop clean. Several Black & Decker coffee makers feature Sneak-a-Cup, which allows you to pour a cup of coffee before the coffee is finished brewing.

There are three different single cup coffee makers for those who prefer to make their coffee one cup at a time, as well as Black & Decker coffee makers that make four cups, five cups, eight cups, ten cups and twelve cups. Special features include programmable menus to start your coffee at a specific time, 2-hour shutoff to turn off the warmer after two hours and prevent coffee burning and coffee makers with thermal carafes to keep your coffee warm without overheating it.

In addition to coffee makers, Black & Decker also makes a variety of coffee accessories, including both bladed and mill coffee grinders and replacement carafes. If you’re looking for a quality coffee maker backed by a solid company at a reasonable price, then Black & Decker is one of the best brand name coffee makers on the market.

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