Wake Me up Gently – Black & Decker CM5050 Coffee Maker

There is nothing I enjoy more than waking to the smell of coffee. It’s such a pleasant, gentle way of stirring your brain to the surface of the day. The Black & Decker CM5050 coffee maker’s programmable feature makes it possible. I’ve had other coffee makers with that feature and loved it in them, too. But, I have to say, Black & Decker did put the clock in just the right place. The digital clock is in the front at the top part of the coffee maker.

You don’t have to do any gymnastic moves like the twist and tilt to see what you’re doing. And, it’s really easy to override the program even for someone electronically challenged like me.

Black & Decker CM5050 12-Cup Programmable Coffee maker

Black & Decker CM5050 coffee maker product features:

  • 12-cup Programmable Feature
  • 4-cup brewing option
  • Easy to Read Digital Clock
  • Automatic Shut-Off after 2 Hours
  • Adjustable Brew Strength


When I wake up in the morning, I am not very sharp. Worse, I really have the bad habit of rolling over for another ten minutes. If I had to rely on my ability to get that pot of coffee going before I jumped in the shower, I’d be waiting for a cup of Joe while sitting in traffic! That’s not my only favorite feature in this coffee maker. The Black & Decker CM5050 automatic shut off has saved my bacon a few times.

It looks like someone called for a fire drill at my house in the morning. I’m not thinking about the coffee maker. I’m thinking about getting to work on time. I’m not the only one in my house that has forgotten to shut the pot off. My husband has forgotten a time or two. The first time that he forgot was because he had forgotten to come pick me up at the garage where my car was getting serviced. To apologize for that, he took me to dinner.

I have a hubby who thinks coffee is supposed to look like mud and I like mine medium strong. I want to know its liquid, at least. This Black & Decker CM5050 has a button that allows you to choose your favorite strength. Admittedly, hubby has to settle for my choice first thing in the morning because I set it up the night before. But, he gets to change it when he gets home and makes his pot of coffee for dinner. Since I drink tea at night, it works out perfect. Then it “announces” that your brew is complete. Because he has a tendency to go into the office to answer email, he really loves this feature!

The other option that my husband adores is the Sneak-a-Cup feature. While I’m in the shower, he’s into my medium strong brewing coffee – sneaking his cup first! What is amazing is that it doesn’t change the strength of the coffee when it’s done. My last coffee pot had a stop-drip feature but when hubby grabbed the first cup, my coffee was not as strong. When I took the Black & Decker CM5050 out of the package, I really thought it was just a fancier name for the same thing. Obviously, some engineer at Black & Decker has a wife like me!

When our old coffee maker died an ugly death, my husband was supposed to pick one up on the way home from work. Naturally, he didn’t remember until he got home and asked me to do it. I stopped at the nearest place to my office and had a limited number of choices. I decided to buy the Black & Decker CM5050 as an emergency stopgap. I really planned to go buy a duplicate of my old one once the weekend arrived. By Saturday, I was in love with the features on this one and decided I didn’t need the other one, after all.

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