Easy Clean-up: the Black & Decker CM1050B Coffee Maker

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. That’s how I feel about the quick-touch button design on my Black & Decker CM1050B coffee maker; unlike the model I tried for years to keep clean, the flat soft-touch panel of buttons on this coffee maker wipes down with a single swipe of the dishcloth. No more digging kitchen-crud out from around the buttons with a toothpick! Now, clearly this is not the most important feature of a coffee maker, but as I said, sometimes it’s the small things. Every day when I’m giving my machine its effective one-swipe clean-up, I’m grateful for that feature as much as I am for the great cup of coffee with which I started my morning, the easy programming that made the coffee ready for me, and the fact that all the machine’s “dirty” parts go right into my dishwasher.

Black & Decker CM1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Black & Decker CM1050B coffee maker product features:

  • 12-cup brewing capacity
  • Quick-touch buttons for easy programming of clock and auto brewing
  • Unbreakable glass carafe with measurement markings
  • Pause and Pour feature enables you to pour coffee before the machine finishes brewing
  • Easy clean-up with removable dishwasher-safe parts and wipe-down design
  • 2-year limited warranty


It’s probably obvious that I’m a clean-up kind of guy, but one of the beauties of the Black & Decker CM1050B coffee maker is that it’s easy to keep clean even if you’re not a fussbudget like myself. The filter basket lifts right out so you can clean out the messy used grounds, the carafe’s lid detaches so both pieces (and the filter basket) can go into the dishwasher every time I run it. I prefer to use a liquid coffee pot cleaner every few weeks to keep the decanter sparkling, but for someone less finicky the dishwasher cleaning (or the dishwasher with an occasional lemon-and-salt scrub) would probably be sufficient.

Another mess avoidance feature is the trigger mechanism which stops the dispenser from dripping coffee if you remove the decanter while it’s still in the process of brewing. Occasionally it loses a few drips as I first pull out the carafe, but the nonstick warming plate below is also easy to clean, particularly if I give it a wipe before the coffee drippings bake onto it. If I could change a single thing about the design of the Black & Decker CM1050B coffee maker, I would wish for a removable reservoir to make filling the machine easier; as it is, I have to pull it out from under the cupboard and lift the top in order to pour water from the decanter into the machine. There is plenty of room between the water reservoir and the brewing compartment with the filter basket, so on the rare occasion when the filter has backed up due to coffee clogging, the overflow didn’t end up contaminating the water reservoir with coffee grounds. I’m grateful for the fact, because it would be awkward to clean the reservoir, given its built-in construction.

I enjoy the flavor of the coffees, brewed as they are under the showerhead-style nozzle rather than the single-stream spigots common in other models, and I enjoy the robust function of the heating plate, which operates for two full hours after brewing before shutting itself off automatically, and keeps the coffee hot enough in the carafe that it doesn’t need warming even after I add my creamer. I also like the look of the Black & Decker CM1050B coffee maker, a black model with a slight bit of texturing which doesn’t show up every smudge or fingerprint I leave behind when I fill it or pour from it.

I realize my own penchant for cleanliness has positively affected y assessment of this appliance, but at the end of the day (or, more accurately, at its beginning), the Black & Decker CM1050B makes a bang-up cup of coffee!


  1. pause and serve feature came off the bottom of the basket; now it drips if you try to pour coffee before it is completed driping. Purchased 4-24-13 at Wal-Mart.

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