Review – Black & Decker BCM1410 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Probably the clearest recommendation I can make for the Black & Decker BCM1410 coffee maker is to share that I have bought three. I should clarify that I haven’t had to buy three for replacement (that would be the opposite of the recommendation I intended to make); rather, I own three of them right now. I bought the first as a contribution to my office, figuring it was a good basic machine for a low price, and would serve sufficiently as the communal company coffee pot.

I confess I didn’t think it through any more thoroughly than that.

Black & Decker BCM1410B 12-Cup coffee machine with Glass Carafe

Black & Decker BCM1410 product features:

  • 12-cup capacity
  • 60-ounce unbreakable Duralife carafe, dishwashers safe
  • Quick touch auto-programming for setting brewing time
  • Pause and pour feature allows carafe to be removed during brewing
  • 2-hour automatic shut-off of warming plate
  • Removable filter basket
  • Water level indicator with marked measurements
  • 2-year limited warranty


It was eminently affordable, and though I didn’t consider it “fancy,” I figured the Black & Decker brand could stand up to the constant use (abuse?) of the office kitchen traffic. To my surprise, I loved the machine! It brews a great cup of coffee, its controls are intuitive and easy to use, it’s easy to keep clean—and did I mention the low price? It wasn’t long before I was buying a second one for my home kitchen, and then a third for my workshop to cut down on my traipsing back and forth from the kitchen.

One aspect of the original Black & Decker BCM1410 office pot that gained my unreserved respect was its obvious toughness. On some level I was unsurprised (the shop I mentioned was full of Black & Decker items even before I introduced the coffee pot, and the brand’s durability is practically legendary) but it’s still impressive to see such an inexpensive machine stand up to the restaurant-grade use it gets at my workplace.

The pause and pour feature, which uses a triggered stopper to contain brewing coffee in the filter basket when a coffee drinker removes the carafe to pour a cup while the machine brews, is an indispensible feature for a machine that is almost constantly brewing.

In actual fact, the office model doesn’t have the opportunity to show off its automatic shut-off (except, perhaps, a couple hours after the workday has ended—but by then there’s no one around to applaud its self-sufficiency). At home, though, where the brewing-and-drinking isn’t at quite such an industrial-grade level, I appreciate the fact that I can continue to refill my cup for a couple hours after the initial brewing, and enjoy a hot cup each time.

The Quicktouch programming buttons of the Black & Decker BCM1410 coffee maker are so easy to use that even our company managers have been spotted initiating a pot. (I knew our techie secretary would have no problems, but it seems that the higher up the chain a person stands, the more helpless they seem to be around machinery—so I’m ready to proclaim this machine absolutely foolproof for users.)

The DuraLife carafe, too, is living up to the manufacturer’s claims of un-breakability, which is no mean feat in the office setting. (Guess why I was shopping for an office pot in the first place…) At home the clean-up is a breeze, since both the decanter and the removable filter basket can be run through the dishwasher.

Even minus a dishwasher (at the office—and, I confess, at my shop, where I could bring the components into the house for washing, but prefer instead to stick with what my wife calls the “man- practice” of simply rinsing and re-using) the unit is an easy clean-up. I never guessed that my off-handed office-contribution would result in a triplicate purchase, but the Black & Decker BCM1410B coffee maker has proven its worth.

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