Black & Decker CM1050W Coffee Maker

I found the Black & Decker CM1050W Coffee Maker on a top-twenty list of “basic” coffee makers while I was trying to figure out what’s the best bet for an inexpensive coffee machine that won’t behave like a cheap one. I know, in a general way, that there are some really solid machines out there with low price tags that can do the basic jobs, maybe even have a few of the extra features, and won’t poop out on me after just a couple months.

I know these phantom coffee machines exist—I just didn’t know which ones they were. That top-twenty list pointed me toward some possibilities, and I gravitated toward the Black & Decker because it’s a brand name I’ve always trusted. This machine definitely had the low price tag, and its specs listed the features I’d hoped for, so the real test would be when I got it home.

Black & Decker CM1050W Coffee Maker

product feature:

  • 12-cup capacity
  • Quicktouch soft button programming for automatic timed brewing
  • Duralife unbreakable glass carafe
  • Sneak-a-cup feature allows removal of carafe without making a mess during brewing
  • Dishwasher-safe removable parts
  • Automatic shut-off of warming plate
  • 2-year limited warranty


So I brought the Black & Decker CM1050W Coffee Maker home to do a little “home testing” of the model. I had the brand name I trust, I had the backing of the top-twenty recommendation, and I had a white model to match my other countertop appliances—though I confess I was a little concerned about white with a coffee machine, given how coffee can stain. First impressions: the glossy white machine looks pretty slick on my counter, and has a small footprint, so it doesn’t take up a lot of the counter space. It’s a little on the tall side, so I had to move it from the first spot I put it, because I couldn’t easily pour the water in the top, and it steamed up the bottom of the cabinet when it brewed.

I ran through a few batches just with water, as recommended to make sure there’s no “new-plastic-parts-taste” to the coffee, and tested the temperature while I was at it: 200ºF, perfect temperature for releasing the essential oils that give coffee its flavoring. While the initial runs of water were brewing, I played with the programming. The buttons on the base of the Black & Decker CM1050W Coffee Maker are flat soft-touch (easy to wipe down) and really straightforward. There’s the “on/off” to start brewing if you’re not programming it with a delay. The “hour” and “minute” buttons set the digital clock at the center, and the “Program” button (with the hour and minute) allows you to set the time you want the machine to brew automatically. And the “Auto” button tells the machine to go with the programmed auto-start time. Simple and easy.

My first run through with coffee in the filter, I didn’t make it strong enough for my taste, but that’s a matter of fine-tuning with measurements and personal taste. It’s a good cup of coffee—especially once I got my measurements down. Clean-up afterward is super simple; the filter lifts out and goes in the dishwasher along with the carafe. I did learn that I need to pour without rushing to avoid spills, and also that I shouldn’t take too much time pouring when I use the sneak-a-cup feature, if I don’t want the brewing basket to overflow.

The Black & Decker CM1050W Coffee Maker seems robust enough to last, although I worry about the glass decanter being the weak link. It’s billed as unbreakable, though, so we’ll see if it lives up to its name. Oh, and the coffee-stains on white that I was worried about? I keep a little spray-bottle of cheap white vinegar by the sink to spray down coffee drips and wipe them up. So far the unit still looks like new.


  1. While it worked it worked well! But that only lasted 3 months. I have a water softener and as such eliminate most lime build up issues. But for some reason, now, this model clogs up after 5 or 6 brews and requires a good vinegar flush. I have had numerous B&D coffee makers in the past, all usually retired for age reasons and carafe breakage. But this model is a real disappointment! Back to Mr. C!

  2. We bought a B & D CM1050 coffee maker and the very first load of water used caused a massive leak on the kitchen counter! So much for QUALITY?

  3. My HB Brewstation started leaking so I decided to go back to a standard glass caref-type that was programmable. After finding a Mr. Coffee too confusing for my use, I read reviews of Black & Decker and ended up exchanging the Mr. Coffee. This CM1050 is so easy to program a blind person could do it which I have done. (ha-ha).

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