Best Coffee & Espresso Grinders

When deciding which products are actually worthy of being called the best coffee grinders and which are just pretty to look at, some basic research must be done. But the problem is that most coffee drinkers do not have the spare time to sit and evaluate what each coffee grinder does or doesn’t offer. To make the process simple and free of stress, the best thing to do is to consider what your standards are and choose among the best grinders on the market today.

How to pick a coffee grinder
How to pick the best coffee grinder for your needs
  • Cuisinart DBM-8 – This Cuisinart coffee grinder works automatically and can provide heavy-duty functions which is rare among these types of machines. It uses the high quality burr mechanism and can assure that the grounds are uniformly cut. This model does not rank as one of the best coffee grinders just for this reason because it also offers 18 options for grinding. From coarse grains to ultra fine. Coffee drinkers who know their stuff and want a variety of different sized cuts can make great use of this machine.


  • Krups 203 – The electric coffee and spice grinder by Krups is an extremely popular model because of the unique benefits it offers to coffee drinkers. For one, the stainless steel blades are made with high quality and can ensure that the grinding work will result in completely uniformed grounds. This is a prerequisite to being one of the best coffee grinders on the list but it also doubles as another machine. The Krups 203 is aptly named because it also acts as a spice grinder. Many customers have left positive reviews about the multiple uses of this product for grinding coffee beans as well as nuts, spices, and grains.


  • Hamilton Beach 80365 – The next on the list of best coffee grinders is the Hamilton Beach 80365 because it offers multiple benefits in terms of convenience. This machine includes concealed cord storage, removable grinding chamber, and an easy cleaning process. Not only is maintenance easy but hands-free is the best feature offered by this model. Many coffee drinkers would grind their own beans if the process was easier and less time-consuming. If your hands are available to do other important things then more drinkers will likely prefer to brew with freshly ground beans.


  • Capresso Infinity – This model by Capresso is a likely candidate for being one of the best coffee grinders because it is designed for the home but is made with commercial quality. The conical burr grinding action guarantees that the beans will be uniformly cut with no compromise in quality. Many high-powered machines like this one often include a bitter or burnt taste because of the speed but this model does not have that problem. With 16 settings and a heavy-duty housing, this grinder is sure to last.


  • Saachi SA-1440 – Last but certainly not least on the list of the best coffee grinders, this Saachi model is one of the most popular today. It gives great taste and also grinds herbs, spices, nuts, and of course, coffee beans. The operation only takes seconds and there is also a safety device and a significant reduction in noise. The most unique characteristic about this grinder is the rust-free bowl which means it will last much longer than even more expensive machines.


How to Choose from the Best Coffee Grinders

Before making a final decision, consider how often you will need to use your coffee grinder and what type of grind you prefer. Many coffee drinkers who are new to the world of grinders can find this difficult but after seeing some of the best products in the category, you will have a better idea about how to choose the best one for you.

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