Best Cappuccino Machines

Best Cappuccino Machines

With the advancement of coffee brewing technology, some of the best cappuccino and latte machines have more to offer than just great taste. When choosing the right model for you, there are certain factors to consider aside from the price. Many expensive machines are packaged perfectly and offer an extensive list of features but may not be useful to meet your unique standards. When searching through countless different cappuccino machines or latte makers, you always want to find the perfect combination of taste and price but also other factors like convenience.

For a fully customized brewing experience, consider machines that offer grinding and brewing capabilities. This will not only save time but you will save money from not buying a separate machine to grind or froth milk.

Some of the best cappuccino machines are surprisingly affordable and can be easily found online. Before paying retail prices at the mall or at a store on the street, be sure to do basic research on the internet to find the lowest price possible. Here are just a few on the list of best cappuccino and latte machines for reasons like high quality taste, performance, reliability and highly advanced features for a great price.

  • DeLonghi EC155 – This particular cappuccino maker combines power and performance with 15 bars of pump pressure. It offers unique technology to offer high quality taste with two independent thermostats which always keep water at the optimal temperature for brewing. It is much more affordable than countless expensive models and offers more features like a self-priming capability and a jet frothing device.


  • DeLonghi EC702 – If you are a coffee drinker who loves convenience and a wide variety of flavor selection then this model can be suitable for you. It is fully compatible with pods but also works with coffee grounds for versatile brewing options. Another benefit is that there is advanced technology with a patented “Cappuccino system” which creates creamy froth by mixing milk with steam. For half of what high end models cost, this machine offers a much better value.


  • DeLonghi ESAM3300 – Coffee lovers who want the ultimate cappuccino machine should definitely consider this model by DeLonghi. There are extremely advanced features like a patented “Direct to Brew” ability which grinds beans immediately and does not require much time at all. Another unique benefit is that this cappuccino machine requires no idle time when brewing cappuccino or espresso because of the reliable double boiler built-in. Though this particular machine can be more expensive than low-end models, you can find a great discount online.


  • Capresso 303.01 – The Capresso 303.01 is on our list of the best cappuccino machines because it offers options to customize the taste. For well under 100 bucks, this model comes with a strength selector so you can have a light brew one day and a much bolder and intense one the next. Also, this cappuccino machine comes with a swivel frothing wand which gives you the option to add steamed milk for even better flavors. For a truly customized brew, this model can offer the options many cappuccino drinkers are looking for.


  • Breville Barista Express BES860XL – The last candidate on the list of best cappuccino machines offer a combination of grind and brew functions. This powerful model is packed with 15 bars of pump pressure and comes with a bean hopper with a capacity up to 8 ounces. A feature that makes brewing with this machine convenient is the removable water reservoir and integrated filtration system. For coffee drinkers who want more out of a single machine then this cappuccino machine with grinder is a great choice.


How to Make a Final Decision for Your Brewing Needs

After reviewing some of the best cappuccino machines, making a final decision involves weighing each feature with your particular standards. Whether you are looking for an affordable machine that is reliable or a high-end model that packs a lot of power when brewing, you will find the perfect cappuccino machine with ease.

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