Calphalon Electric 10-Cup Quick Brew Thermal Coffeemaker

I’ve come to the conclusion that there may be nothing scarier than buying an appliance for my wife’s kitchen. We just had a remodel of the kitchen done (which means, of course, that she had the kitchen redone), and my one job in this was to choose a coffee maker. It’s a sensible plan because I’m the coffee drinker—but when I started looking at machines, I realized I was a little nervous about choosing something that would sit on the counter in the work of art that is the new kitchen.

Clearly what I needed was something with a look that could hold its own in the remodeled space, and that could make a great cup of coffee for me at the same time. I wasted my time worrying about it, because I found the Calphalon Electric 10-cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker, the ideal answer to both essential elements.

Calphalon Electric 10-Cup Quick Brew Thermal Coffeemaker
Calphalon Electric 10-cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker product features:

  • 10-Cup capacity
  • Fast brew technology
  • Removable water tank for easy filling
  • Dual control brew strength
  • Auto programming for timed brewing
  • Reusable Gold tone coffee filter
  • Purifying charcoal water filter
  • Specialized 1-to-4 cup setting
  • Pause to pour function allows carafe to be removed during brewing


My non-coffee-drinking wife loves the Calphalon Electric 10-cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker for two reasons – the first being (thank goodness) that it’s a really good-looking machine. Its materials are solid, nothing flimsy about its construction, and the brushed black and stainless steel give it a classy look—really, it just looks good on the counter, (to my relief!) The other thing my wife says she likes about this machine is my mood in the morning because of this coffee.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoy the pre-programmed automated timer having my coffee ready for me when I wake up; the old machine I was replacing had blown out its clock a while back, and the automated programming with it. I’m a more cheerful person (my wife reminds me) when I have my first cup of coffee in me, so the sooner the better. The quality of the coffee is fantastic, thanks to the hot temperature of the brewing and the water filter that takes care of our hard water so it’s not flavoring the coffee. Since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, I appreciate the specialized setting for a smaller number of cups, delivering as high quality a brew for a small batch as for a full ten-cup pot. That hasn’t often been my experience, so with other machines I’ve often found myself brewing the full pot to ensure a decent cup of coffee, but then dumping out more than half of the unused brew at the end of the day. It’s not a problem with the Calphalon Electric 10-cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker.

The insulated thermal carafe has turned out to be a great bonus, although I confess I hadn’t chosen it with its thermal qualities in mind, so much as with the thought that it would suit the new kitchen. I’ve discovered the pleasure of bringing the whole carafe to the table, which wasn’t feasible when I needed to keep it hot on the warming plate—but now I can sit at the breakfast table, read the paper, and just reach out my arm to top off my coffee. The carafe actually keeps my coffee hotter for longer than the warming plate used to do on the other model, so I’m pleased all around with my “conversion” to the Calphalon Electric 10-cup Quick Brew Coffee Maker. The remodel of the kitchen made my wife happy; the accidental side-effect of having to shop for a new coffee pot, and finding this one, because of the new kitchen has made me happy. Who would have thought my intimidating trip to the appliance aisle would come out so well?

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